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what raw materials did the british empire import from its 10 colonies?

what raw materials did the british empire import from egypt

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  • Jim B
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    First there were a lot more than just 10 colonies.

    I'll give you the top 10 from Canada, as that is where I live.

    Furs, of all kinds. For clothing and hats. Beaver, wolf, buffalo, elk,, otter, and ermine.

    Fish, salted , and dried, in barells.

    Lumber, cut and logs. Elm, oak, pine, cedar, birch , walnut, cherry.


    Gold, silver, tin, iron, copper, and zinc.

    Wheat, and other grains.

    Potatoes, and other vegetables, in barells, and fresh, in bags.

    Manufactured goods, like machinery for farms, and industrial uses.

    Leather goods, like horse harness, shoes and boots.

    Paper goods, and newsprint rolls.

    These are both raw, and finished goods, obviously.

    Jim B


  • Jamie
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    I thought there were about 50 colonies

  • myra
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    as an american (New Jersey to be precise) identity dosnt make a lot of a change to me however in case you move to canada which the french owned or down south in which spain owned the tradition and structure varies

  • Anonymous
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    Which is your question?

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