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TurboTax. im so confused. HELP?

I filed early as did a lot of us. I was supposed to receive my refund on 1/25. Then apparently for Turbo tax card stated on the 25th that my refund was deposited. called them and they said no. The wmr did give me a DD date until yesterday n its for the 30th. Can anyone shed any light on what's up with the Turbo card m how late im the day can it post.

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    Mine also said that it was deposited, but it wasn't, it's not pending and they can't tell me why it says that. IN fact, it still shows that it was deposited. I filed early to avoid the rush and the catastrophe that usually happens..... I was sure fooled this year. Hope we get some straight answers soon, or better yet, our refunds! good luck!

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    From what I am seeing on here, 1/25 was not a good date to get your refund. There are dozens of people on here who were set for that date but did not get it. Best advice, be patient. You can check the IRS website at www.irs.gov and check the status of your refund.

    Good luck.

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