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How to find hospital reviews about labor and delivery?

How to find hospitals reviews in Missouri for labor and delivery? I don't know which hospital is better and what other people have experienced.

I tried a search engine and found nothing.

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    I am also not aware of any sources that might help you. (When you posted yesterday I checked the "unnecessarian" site, which gives hospital-specific c-section rates for hospitals in SOME states ... but Missouri wasn' among them.

    (Checking the hospital's website will NOT be helpful. I can promise you that EVERY hosital website will rave about their 'homelike birthing rooms' and 'skilled staff' and 'wonderful support for new families...' while failing to mention their 60% c-section rate and the fact that the nurses are clueless about breastfeeding.)

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    I used to be forty weeks and a pair of days whilst contractions began within the core of the night time. I had simply been to the surgeon and used to be no longer dilated or effaced in any respect. The contractions had been 15-20 min aside and stopped approximately 6 am the following morning. They began up once more at four:30 that afternoon and grew to be extra common and extra extreme for the duration of the night time. The contractions had been in my minimize again and relatively painful. I attempted to sleep btw contractions however they had been fitting very tough. At two am we went to the health facility, I used to be 5cm at that factor with contractions coming each and every three min. I spent the time on the health facility running the halls, sitting on a yoga ball, within the bathtub and within the rocking chair. 10hrs once we received to the health facility I added a 9lb child lady. I felt very emotional correct after the beginning. It used to be a combo of comfort (yay! exertions used to be over!) and pleasure. My husband used to be instantly in love, that used to be the one time I have ever visible him shed tears. The 1st day dwelling used to be spent putting out as a household. My husband made a satisfactory steak dinner and we simply hung out on my own in combination.

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    did you try and type in the name of the hospital. it should show up and got to the child birth center and you should be able to learn all about it. if not try yellow pages just to get names and go and visit. they should be able to answer all your questions

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