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Why is there such a stigma against suicide?

I can understand the focus on teen suicide because teens usually commit suicide over temporary things like bullying, failed romances etc... I'm 22 and want to kill myself because I see no point in living past my twenties. After your twenties time speeds up and your life gets shorter and shorter, and I just don't want to deal with the pain of getting older. My life will have the same predictable outcome as everyone else, and in the end we all die anyways. What's wrong with wanting to check out a little bit earlier? In the vast configuration of things, once millions of years have passed, a few decades shaved off my miserable life won't matter.

I've experienced the world, but I'm not really eager to stay. What's left? Get married? Pop out some kids? Why bother? I'm not saying everyone should kill themselves after 20, but I don't feel like I need to be here for more than 2-3 more years. I'm not suicidal because of bad things happening in my life, because my life isn't awful. It's just meaningless. Yes, things get better, and things get worse. I just don't understand why people try to prevent this when they don't even care about people dying in Africa every day from starvation.

Any thoughts?

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    Like Doug Stanhope said - Life is like animal porn, it's not for everyone.

    I'm offing myself in a couple of weeks now, it does take some planning to do it properly, as i need to completely destroy my brain so the chance of being a vegetable is minimal, but when you give up meaning completely it's funny looking at questions like this realizing what a cruel and bizarre existence is.

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    I see no problem with committing suicide personally. In most cases people who disagree with you and try to help you really just want to keep you alive because THEY will feel bad when you're gone, so in that way they're being selfish. The only reason that you shouldn't do it for yourself is not knowing what's going to happen next. You might not get another chance, you never know. The logical thing to do is keep living, regardless of the pointlessness. Be it for love, sex, children or weapons of mass destruction, you can devote yourself to something purely for the rush of feeling alive.

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    Hi. No matter how bad things get you have a family who loves you they will miss you if you decide to commit suicide, you are blessed to be alive,people do care about others, most people don't know how to show it. Enjoy your life and stop feeling sorry for your self, learn out to ride out the storms of life, it's not up to you to say you should kill your self you are not the giver or the taker of your life God is the only one that do that. I hope you change your mind for the sake of those who love you.

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    Most of our society follows a religion that tells them suicide is horrible so taboo. Go to the Alaskan triangle you might just disappear off the planet.

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    Ok i didnt read all of it that and i dont must. For the reason that heres my view on suicide. Normally lifestyles is difficult, i know that . But taking into consideration to end your own lifestyles is a egocentric act and the bearer leaves no idea for his or hers adored ones in those moments of insanity. Nevertheless i am not baring judgement as i think many who commit suicide if they would take back that second, would not do it. Such is the long-established talk from those who survived suicide makes an attempt anyway. If you're depressed, then get the aid needed to no longer be depressed anymore. Start your day with some optimistic self speak, get up out of the bed no matter how crappy you suppose and do not forget there are at all times men and women worse off than you. Thats the truth about it . Life is for living, no longer serious about suicide. Ive been via crap, but i maintain on pushing ahead seeking to better myself and enjoy each moment with my cherished ones. Stand up out of bed tommorow whilst you get up and do something you experience. Discontinue pondering these ideas. Throw them away and fill your head with optimistic thoughts and set targets for things you need to do with your life. Stop viewing life via such gloomy specs. Search aid for the melancholy. You are able to do it .

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