has anyone received their GA state refund yet?

i checked it on the GA tax center website & this is my response.....Your return has been received, and it is currently being reviewed. Please contact the Taxpayer Services Division Refund Inquiry Section at 1-877-GADOR11 (1-877-423-6711) to speak to a Taxpayer Services Representative........I didn't know if everyone was getting this msg or if I should call or just wait patiently :/


no this isn't my first time filing, i'm almost 30. I have never had a hard time with my state refund getting delayed (although I know in past years GA has had problms) & i usually get it back first every year. I'm just impatient......or my luck with GA has run out this year LOL.

Update 2:

ok so i gave in & called the # & there was no wait at all (guess more ppl are concerned with federal instead of state lol) but they told me it had been reviewed & would be in my acct in 7-14 days....i guess thats the standard answer. so hopefully soon! :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    I called the number and it said the same thing. I just submitted mine on 1/24. Last year I received my refund in three days. Ga is pretty quick. When did you submit your return?

  • 9 years ago

    This must be your first time filing your state refund.

    I think GA is one of the ones with a huge delay last year.

    Expect the same (or worse) this year.

    Some states people had to wait 2 months to get their state refund.

  • 9 years ago

    Yes I received mine in my account yesterday morning.

    Source(s): my experience
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