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How do I tell my wife I want to divorce her?

I turned 42, my wife is 40 and she's carried 4 kids for me. Needless to say she's getting old and worn down. As a car enthusiast, let me put it eloquently like this; you enjoy a car when its new and hot, but you don't drive it forever. When the mileage is high and its starting to break down you sell it to some clueless chump and get yourself a new one. I think its the same with women. I want a hot young wife now, so I have to dump the one I have. But how do I tell her without her tap dancing on my balls and sue me for half the money?

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    This is awful I'm sure in your vows it said until death do us part I'm sure u don't look like u did when u were 20 but she stuck by u and she has 4 of ur kids so their new mommy would be like a big sister sick

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    You're a jacka**. You don't deserve her,just run off and get yourself some stupid 20 year old blonde. Go ahead,why not? You're probably one of those jerks that just hurts their wives anyway. She should sue you for all you have,let's see you try to get a ''hot young wife'' without bribing her with cash first.

    Face it. Your wife isn't the only one that's ''old and worn down'',you probably look twice as old. How exactly do you expect to get a different woman when you're that old? After you cross the ''old'' line,which is 40 years,you automatically stop being attractive to younger women,unless you're a millionaire. You'll never hear the words ''I love you'' from another woman again,you'll never have dinner made for you,you'll never get the respect of your children back. Is all of that really worth it,to pay for your sex with your cash for a few weeks,until the lady gets bored,finds a ''younger model'' to play with and leaves you a note saying ''It was fun,thanks. By the way,good luck with your erection problem.''? Think about it.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    You made this decision! You should just keep it! Think about your Kids! (( Rebuild your old car to be a Hot new Rod! ))

  • lina
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    9 years ago

    whatever hun I need a new toy car in bed

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  • Cookie
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    9 years ago

    Tell her the truth and DON'T forget your CHILDREN !

    But for the money thing YOU HAVE TO PAY...and I hope a lot.... for YOUR CHILDREN and for HER !

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