what is the latest capacity in fixed hard-disk?

i want to know what is the latest capacity of a fixed hard-disk.its my school project so please give me correct answers and Thankyou

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    9 years ago
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    find it on google

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    A CD (Compact Disk) is an optical storage media, at the same time as a frustrating disk is a magnetic storage media. it is in actuality the version. On a CD the suggestion is saved optically by burning with a laser beam the "grovees" of advice by modulating the laser mild beam with the digital documents from a working laptop or pc, interpreting or writting to/from the optical media. On a frustrating disk notwithstanding, the suggestion is saved in magnetic grooves, only like a tape does on a tape deck, or the different audio recorder or possibly a digital tape recorder. the two CD and frustrating disk artwork in random get admission to mode, which potential the suggestion is searched and located promptly, the heads circulate real to the suggestion very with out delay, the suggestion isn't written or examine in a sequential way like on an audio (or digital) tape working example, yet in a nicely prepared way the place the device is standard with precisely the place is the suggestion saved and is going there in milliseconds. something? :) i wish this helped.

  • 9 years ago

    Fixed hard disk? Do you mean an SSD drive?

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    9 years ago

    4 tb

    Frostfire makes a good point, no one calls Solid state hard drives "fixed"

    4tb for ssd too


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