what is a good dark world deck build?

this is what i have so far.

3x Grapha, dragon lord of the dark world

1x Goldd, wu lord of the dark world

1x sillva

Spells. (17).

1x Terraforming

3x the gates of dark world

1x Solidarity

2x mystical space typhoon

1x Foolish burial

1x Monster reborn

3x Dark world Dealings

1x Lightning vortex

1x Card destruction

1x Dragged down into the grave

1x Gateway to the dark world

1x Heavy storm

1x Book of moon

Traps (9).

1x Mind crush

1x mirror force

1x Bottonless trap hole

2x scrap -iron scarecrow

1x divine wrath

2x dark deal

1x magic cylinder

1x dark illusion

Is there anything i should add in other than dark scheme?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Here's the deal with Dark Worlds. When you discard for them, it cannot be a cost, or their effects wont activate.

    Example: Lightning Vortex. "Discard 1 card. Destroy all face up monsters your opponent controls." The "discard 1 card" is a cost. Cards like Dark World Dealings "Draw 1 then discard 1" and Dark World Lightning "destroy 1 face down then discard" and even Card Destruction are not costs.

    Source(s): I use Dark Worlds
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Ryan is completely right, so don't use cards like Lightening Vortex.

    As for the actual build I'd suggest this as a cheap DW list:

    Grapha x 3

    Snoww x 3

    Broww x 3

    Beiige x 2

    Silva/Gold x 2 (They're both the same pretty much)

    Morphing Jar


    Gates Of Dark World x 3

    Dark World Dealings x 3

    Dragged Down Into The Grave x 2

    MST x 2

    Dark World Lightning x 2

    Dark Hole

    Heavy Storm

    Monster Reborn

    Card Destruction/Allue Of Darkness (Either one works, one gives more discard, one more draw)

    Reckless Greed x 2

    Mind Crush x 2

    Deck Devastation Virus

    Eradicator Epidemic Virus

    Torrential Tribute

    Solemn Judgment

    Trap Dustshoot

    This way you get loads of hand and field control with Grapha and the Viruses, and then Mind Crush and Trap Dustshoot obviously help the hand control too. So yeah, with this you should be sorted and have a decent DW deck(:

  • 4 years ago

    That is an fascinating deck construct, however want i remind you that discarding a card for the influence of phoenix wing wind blast, lightning vortex, raigeki smash, snipe hunter, and dark grepher are all fees and now not effects, so you would not get the effects of your monsters. Until you're simply utilizing these cards for area clears, then it appears good. Here is a deck construct that runs somewhat another way than yours monsters 20 3x Goldd, Wu Lord of dark World 3x Sillva, Warlord of darkish World 3x Beiige, vanguard of darkish World 3x Kahkki, Guerilla of dark World 3x Gren, Tactician of dark World 3x Brron, Mad King of dark World 1x Morphing Jar 1x Reign-Beaux, Overlord of darkish World spells 14 3x Hand Destruction 2x dark World Dealings 2x dark World Lightning 1x Heavy Storm 1x Card Destruction 1x Monster Reborn 2x Gateway to dark World 2x Burden of the Mighty traps 7 2x darkish Deal 2x Bottomless lure hole 2x Seven tools of the Bandit 1x compelled Requistion you could also build it with three shining angels to add sky scourge norleras to the deck or that you would be able to depart it as is and add darkish armed dragon to it considering that he is now very inexpensive and convenient to get hope this helped -relaxation in Peace Michael

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