Is getting married at 21 too early?

I'm 18 now, at university and engaged to by fiance who is in the army.

I finish uni in the summer of 2014 and our plan is to get married the summer I graduate.

After that our plan is to get married quarters together as he will be staying in the army and I will probably do a postgraduate degree at a uni close to where we are living.

I will have turned 21 and he will be 25 almost 26..we will have been together over three years by then and will have been through a number of deployments etc.

So, in these circumstances would you say its right, or too early?


My parents also love him, he asked their permission before he proposed without me knowing! :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    I married my husband at 21. He is still active duty army 11th Bravo and we are still married 14 years later. Since you have already experienced army life with him I say CONGRATULATIONS and God Bless You and Him and please send him my thanks for his service.

    Good Luck and Have a wonderful life together!


  • 9 years ago

    For most people, it is. By your post, I can already tell you that you are moving too fast and not mature enough for a decision like marriage. You are talking about what will have happened in the future like it's already happened and you have experienced them (been together 3 years once you are 21, been through a number of deployments) None of those things have happened yet.

    Being engaged means to be ready to marry NOW or in the very near future. You are still in school and you havent even been in an actual adult relationship yet! Wait until you are done with school before discussing your future with him.

  • jabez
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    4 years ago

    interior the old days, human beings married this early and appeared to stay mutually. Now that a girl can artwork and stay to tell the story her very own and likewise with lots consumerism and self-contentedness and temptation, it fairly is extra handy for the two intercourse to call it quits over marital changes. in case you could ask, i might wait, despite in case you marry at 21, you nonetheless have been given 2 years, so merely toss the marriage concept aside and merely rejoice with. it fairly is authentic that maximum marriages immediately do no longer final and lots can substitute in our quickly paced society yet you often is the exception. once you do no longer could ask, it will probable be the nicely suited time. So merely positioned the marriage concept aside and once you're 21, see in case you experience the comparable. commonly by potential of the 5 365 days mark, the honeymoon is over for many and authentic colorings pop out. in case you nonetheless love and get alongside, good sign! what's significant is which you're each and each others ultimate chum and have sufficient in hardship-unfastened or can enable one yet another to be oneself and be unfastened.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    seems legit.

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