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Do African Pygmy Hedgehogs Have A Period?

I got my little APH out last night & when i popped her on my bed, there was two tiny pin prick blood drops on the bed? Im not sure if they came from her or was already there?. She is 9 months old so is at sexually maturity, Ive just never noticed it before. I checked her over as much as I could & I couldnt see anywhere where the blood could have came from.. I know every female animal has some kinder period/season, Im just asking do APH bleed durring theres? I love her to bits so I am abit worried. x


I checked her over & I couldnt see any blood or any signs of any cuts. Her nunny area was clean & very healthy looking so i think the blood much have already been there, It probably came from one of my dogs. Lol. Christ knows but Thanks. :) I learnt something

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    African hedgehogs are induced ovulators. They do not have a "period." If you find that she has blood coming from her, she will need to see a veterinarian.

    However, if the spots were small, and in a snuggle bag where she might have been digging, the spots could be from her feet. A tiny cut on a hedgehog's foot will bleed quite a bit. Their feet also heal very quickly and by morning it may be quite difficult to find the cut.

    Keep an eye on her, but if you detect blood coming from her or in her urine or feces, get her in to see a veterinarian ASAP

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