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Do you think people can be jealous of you if they're a complete stranger?


You guys are right!!

@ Anna you just answer my question by putting me down, yet you're a complete stranger!! See guys!! Anna is JEALOUS of me.

It must be my beautiful face!!

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    Yeah, I definitely think so. People are always going to be jealous if you're prettier, more powerful, richer, etc. If they see you walk down the street and you're gorgeous, they can definitely be jealous of your appearances

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    Probably not since they know nothing of you, apart from your appearance. I've yet to meet a person that is immature enough to be jealous of someone based on their appearance.

    Sorry, since I'm sure you posted this thinking some girl was jealous of you. Hate to say it, but she probably doesn't care if you are a complete stranger.

  • 9 years ago

    Yes , specially girls. If you are a pretty girl, dress within fashion, get good marks at school and do well in whatever you do they will be jealous instead of trying to better themselves they will rather run you down and scandal about you.Whether they know you or not. :)

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    Definitely! Jealously is universal. Like, if you saw someone you didn't know driving in a limo or a really expensive car, you'd be kinda jealous that they have such wealth lol. (from personal experience haha)

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    Maybe, especially when you are popular, gifted, good looking, etc.

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