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Anonymous asked in TravelAfrica & Middle EastIsrael · 8 years ago

Is the proven fact that the Israeli soldiers do not rape arab women makes them racists?

The study conducted by the Israeli Left of the Hebrew University and Palestinian Arabs gave the stunning result: rape index among the IDF soldiers is several times lower than in ANY army of the world. You just imagine! Syrian soldiers rape women right on the spot. Pakistani soldiers were gangly raping Indian women right in front of their husbands and children. Muslims in Nigeria rape any non-muslim girl they can grab including 3 year-old toddlers. Isn´t this an evident demonstration that muslims are not racists? They do not differentiate between white and black, yellow or brown; they rape ALL women , without any discrimination. And these Jews- you just imagine- refuse to behave like this and leave the arab women puzzled, infuriated and frustrated.

I think that the arab women in Gaza, Lebanon, Syria , Jordan and Egypt should unite and protest against this evident discrimination. Arab women have the right to know why the Israeli soldiers refuse to rape them - and put an end to this racist and bankrupt behavior!

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  • Esther
    Lv 7
    8 years ago
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    You have officially lost your mind! Lol!! I don't know where you're getting your facts, but they do say that Gaddafi was giving his soldiers Viagra so they could systematically rape the women. Of course, that was Arabs raping Arabs and therefore not racist. Disgusting nonetheless.

    The Syrians rape the women as well. And of course, they're killing their own people.

    Why don't Israeli soldiers rape? Because they're moral. Now watch all the thumbs down I'm going to get.

    I actually found several websites regarding your post. Crazy!!

    What is wrong with people?!

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  • 8 years ago

    Me thinks that only a very few who responded to your question actually understood that most of what you have written is tongue in cheek.

    If it were not so tragic and true that an arab woman who has NOT been raped by an Israeli soldier would cry racism, it would be laughable.

    In fact i dont know what is more sad.... a woman who has been bought up in a culture so demeaning to women that they would even come to any conclusion other than "praise the lord ( or whoever) that i was not raped" or the fact that anyone man or woman could EVER come to this way of thinking. As a woman it makes me want to cry for them, its almost like they think its ok to be raped or its normal and if they arent then there must be some terrible reason why not.....WHO THINKS LIKE THIS?

    Its a similar mindset that i have seen on here about how muslim/palestinian men are not forced to fight in the IDF against other palestinians, who may well be their own brother.They are screaming discrimination.... and i think "What? Are you stupid?" The only answer i can come up with is, yes they must be.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I hate when people say that Israeli soldiers do not rape and hence they are racists... the people who claim such things are bigotted donkeys who are never satisfied at anything and just want to talk trash about Israelis and are willing to turn anything into an anti Israel rant. Nothing is good enough for some people. If an Israeli soldier did rape a woman then they would say '' oh look at these filthy Israeli soldiers'' but if Israeli soldiers have morality and do not rape then ' they are racists'. Nothing is ever good enough for people who have already made up their mind about Israelis and judge blindly.

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  • 8 years ago

    isreal has the highest rate of gay soldiers. they are too busy doing it between themselves. does that make them racist?


    curious is a typical israeli liar.

    "its almost like they think its ok to be raped or its normal and if they arent then there must be some terrible reason why not.....WHO THINKS LIKE THIS?"

    i can see that only you and this jewish asker think like this, and not arab women. you are just raised to hate and dehumanize others.

    for normal human beings who are raised to respect other human beings instead of dehumanizing them, read what this study says:

    "the reason Israeli soldiers refrain from raping palestinian women in the occupied territories is not because the soldiers are more humane. in fact the opposite is true–nitzan claims Israeli soldiers don’t rape because they have been taught to dehumanize Palestinian women. nitzan also maintains that soldiers don’t want the arab population to increase through pregnancies as a result; according to him that would be considered an ason leumi–a national tragedy"

    you people are a disgrace to humanity

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  • Carol
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    No, you would have to ask soldiers (no matter what nation they come from) why they do certain acts in combat on the spur of the moment. Most of the fighting is not done in the name of religion, but in the name of defense of their country and their people who love freedom and peace more than war. And as an offense against an brutal enemy they believe attacked their innocent old, women, and children first. Not many soldiers (especially non believers) do fighting for God, but for their innocent people of their family, friends, and neighbors. And in battle, for their own lives and safety first and foremost. And certain reports, are biased in nature and only address a small part of the problem or of the overall situation. There is more than 1 side to an issue. And your reports also must be read in context and in their entirety. And not as an excuse to continue to hate and to justify and further their hatred or violence. There have been several good chances for peace 30+ years, but some prefer senseless extremism

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  • 8 years ago

    Pakistan lost the war against India. You're thinking of Bangladesh, which was called East Pakistan.

    Get your facts, right? This claim to the clean Israeli soldiers reminds me how of the Germans said certain things were beneath the SS to do.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I get the point, but it's over the top in how it's worded, and gives a negative rather than positive image for Israel. I doubt that's what you were trying for.

    Please post to the link of the raping. That would be more useful & more important to "human rights" workers (those who pretend they care about anything but bashing at Israel).


    I checked out Oloh's link. I have to apologize to asker for my comments above; they weren't his idea. The hard left of Israel are sick enough to suggest IDF soldiers' morality of NOT raping is "racism" rather than "CIVILITY."

    How demented at attacking themselves & wanting to be like the others, the worst of others (rapists among Arabs)? (Will the absorption of self-distain, turned into self-beating from the Holocaust never end?--that's my theory.) So the article link again is:


    Add again:

    Some reasons they ignored:

    1. Judaism doesn't include honor killings either, including among Middle Eastern descending Jews. Maybe the culture at women is different??

    2. Women serve along side men in IDF. Maybe you don't think to rape when you experience the value of a woman as equal?

    3. Israelis have been saying they value life more, as they experience fighting styles of Arabs:

    From suicide bombings.... To putting their children in harm's way... To making wars when peace is an option.

    However, the Israeli universities need to clean up their act on researchers who don't follow even basic peer review quality research. This isn't the first inane thing to come out of them. If they can do it at top international levels on sciences, then they can do it on social sciences!



    Again with the bull. That girl went purposely into a security zone, not just the entry 30 foot but the full 300 feet right into the marked "kill zone" right up to the military tower. So whatever happened, it wasn't innocent behavior - in a place where even girls have been suicide bombers. So your link it full of propaganda to leave out relevant details (including the many beyond what I just mentioned.)


    We all see how Egypt & Jordan, & Syria were protesting their own charming Arab governments. When Gaza & WB protest their own corrupt governments & make THEM accountable, we'll stop having to listen to them whine to Israel.


    Nazis raped Jewish girls all the time. Did you not know this? My father has vivid recollections of a gang rape when the cattle cars unloaded... until the girl bled to death in front of everyone.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Looks like arabs and their left-wing friends already do not know what else to blame Israel of. I shall not be surprised if the next study says that Israel killed so few arabs - less than 18,000 in 64 years, with five big wars and endless clashes - because Jews are racists who did not want to kill arabs indiscriminately.

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  • "Pakistani soldiers were gangly raping Indian women right in front of their husbands and children." -- Where's your proof? Why are you bringing Pakistan into this matter?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    There are lies, damn lies and statistics. I would suggest that your study demonstrated that IDF soldiers are better disciplined than most armies and also perhaps that they are better people!

    And no, I am not Israeli.

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