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brie kelly asked in PetsCats · 8 years ago

Did my cats know my other cat was sick?

A few months ago, I had three cats (don't make any cat lady comments) and they had coexisted peacefully for years, until the youngest, Gillie, got the girl, Tootsie, pregnant. A little before the pregnancy, the oldest, Dinkie, starting becoming really anxious. Then eventually he started isolating himself. and he wouldn't leave my mom's room. He started losing weight and the vet said it was nerves. About a few months later, we moved to Arizona, the younger two cats still separated from the oldest. By then Dinkie had lost most of his weight and hair. We took him to the vet multiple times and they kept insisting it was anxiety. When we got to Arizona we tried integrating them and all hell broke loose. Tootsie and Gillie literally tried to kill Dinkie. We had to keep him in my mom's new room for a few weeks until we decided to bring him out and try to keep the others upstairs. It was hard on them, but everytime the other two came downstairs, they attacked him and tried breaking his neck. It was horrible. Dinkie was getting any better, even though he was downstairs permanently away from the other two cats - which was bad for them, being locked upstairs. So we decided something had to change. We talked to many animal behavioral specialists and nothing worked. So my mom decided to get rid of Tootsie, because she decided she was the most aggressive - not true, but whatever. We tried integrating Dinkie and Gillie, the only two left, and Gillie kept trying to kill him. So we moved Gillie downstairs, and Dinkie up to my mom's room, where he continued to get sick. About 6 months after we moved to Arizona, he started getting really bad, and fast. One day, he couldn't move so we took him to the vet where she said Dinkie's kidneys were failing and that he had been sick for quite some time, and a week later he passed away. So my question is, did my cats sense he was sick? I vaguely remember something about how in the animal kingdom, that animals who sensed another animal is sick would not only shun them, but attack them. Of course I might have just made that up in my head when this was happening as a reason for all of this. It could still have been the pregnancy but things started happening before that

i know this is long so sorry



And if they COULD tell, why would they attack him?

Update 2:

And by getting "RID" of Tootsie, I meant we took her to the Humane Society. That sounded a bit harsh lol.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Yes cats can sense when another cat or pet in the home is sick,just as they sense when we are unwell,and at times they avoid the sick one,but they can attack as they did him and the most likely reason is as they do in the wild,a sick one in their nest is a sign of weakness so makes them easy prey to outsiders,so they tend to attack and kill seems harsh but its nature and nature can be cruel,

    but being pets they don't need to behave that way but they still show instincts and nothing stops that in cats,i really feel for what Dinkie went through but being a sick cat he will have known why they were hounding and attacking again instincts will have made him realise that,

    and sick cats go off to be alone as he did they simply go to be alone to die so he knew he was sick,i lost a cat to kidney failure too and she was sick for a while but the vet said she had bladder infection how she must have suffered,our other cat avoided her but the dog who was always friendly towards her started growling and going against her,again nature as dogs too sense when another is sick,

    so yes your other cats not only knew he was sick but that he was also dying of his illness,so wanted him away so they did not become target and hunted down,so sorry about the loss of him its so sad.

    Source(s): Experience.
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  • Jean
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    It certainly sounds like he needs to be checked out. Take him to the vet, just about any ailment is cheaper if it's treated early. The initial visit shouldn't cost too much, and any good vet will work with you if it's in the best interests of the animal -- payment plans and the like. If you find that whatever's wrong really is too expensive to handle, try asking your local no-kill shelter for help. They really, truly, care about animals and are likely to help you with vet costs. Some of them will even handle all the vet costs through a "guardian angel" program funded by community donations. Good luck. Take the little guy to the vet right away -- waiting costs more money in the long run, and could even cost his life.

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  • 5 years ago

    So that's why all my cats are attacking my baby cat Kiara. Kiara has a tumor in her abdomen. All the other cats try to kill her if they come near her. I didn't understand this discrimination but now it makes sense.

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  • 8 years ago

    if been in many situations where my cats have sensed things like this,

    but cats are just like people.. you cant really know whats going on in their own world.. maybe its because they knew how sick she was and wanted to put their friend out of his misery? /:

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  • Sure they can tell when somethings wrong. I really feel they can.

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