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How does police have time for this?

If 50 state passed similar to Alabama immigration law, how police have time for this?

Can't images it make it very busy for police department for immigration law that passéd by state.

Other issues is I could simply call police on somebody I know that being in US illegal, images thousands of people made crime report just base on immigration law. Images every city police department maybe get 5 to 10 arrests a day and keep them in local jail forever until I.C.E. Agency pick them up. It meaning 3,000 arrests a month just from single city police department. It meaning local jails have to add 3,000 more bed just in one city jail since most big city has from 800 to 1200 bed. The small city might only has 100 bed, meaning need add 500 more bed on top of 100 bed. And who knows how long keep them in jail and if I.C.E agency didn't come for weeks then jail will just keep adding illegal aliens

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    It isn't so much that the police would be out looking for someone, it is more that they would have more authority to do something if they found an illegal immigrant or an immigrant committed a crime.

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