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Benefits of taking hot cold showers?

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    you should start cold, switch to hot and repeat that few times, end should always be cold.

    there is several, main one is immense increase in immunity, virtually never get cold, or ill from all "popular" infections and diseases.

    skin condition improves greatly as well, becomes more "springy" and younger looking.

    prevent acne, it even retract haemorrhoids and hernias! if you have any of these, first treatment of choice should be cold/hot/cold wash or shower! it will not affect any treatment of medication but can save you from surgery!

    and this treatment is not alternative, it is used for millenia in mainstream (allopathic) medicine, only most doctors do not recommend it as it cannot be patented and sold... and it will prevent many diseases - no money for pharmaceutical companies, no junkets and money for doctors either...

    Source(s): experience, many years trauma experience, 7th generation medico, medical diploma over 40 years ago...
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    Taking a hot steamy shower will open all the pores in your skin leave the water on hot and just soak for a while. After a couple of minutes turn the water all the way to cold and your pores will contract shut excreting all the dirt and oil from your skin. this process can be done several times if desired. When you get out of the shower you will feel cleaner than you ever have.

    Also cold showers and ice baths are like horse tranquilizer so if you are having difficulty sleeping this is a good technique. This is also good for sleep:

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    Good to stimulate circulation.

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