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How can I download Terraria?

I tried downloading it from the Official website but there is no instructions how too and i heard there is some websites that can let you download the game but im not sure its safe what should i do!!!!!!!

also if u got any idea how to download minecraft that would be alot of help because when i sign in it keeps saying u have to play online to enable offline what does that mean?

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    First download steam. it is a free gaming communitly that will easily let you download all the popular games of today (at a price of course). then you can download terraria for only about 10 bucks. i got it for 2.50 during the massive holiday sale. in order to play minecraft offlline, you have to have a premium account which requires you pay about 25 dollars. or if you have a friend with an account, you can sign in with theres. then any time after, you can play without signing in again.

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