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Should we have one or two middle names?

We're expecting our fourth girl in March and have decided on the name Lila :-)

The problem is, our other three daughters have two middle names after female family members who mean a lot to us and we have kind of run out of options!

Don't really want to put a random cousin or aunt that we're not close to so we're thinking we will just have to use a random name that we like, which is going to be weird lol! Anyway, should we have one or two middle names for Lila seen as her sisters have two: Bethany Belle Rosa, Veronica Sophie Kate and Willow Jordan May.

What do you think?

Or we were thinking of using a female version of my dads name, Richard so would be Lila Richelle...

Thanks for any help!!


My husbands name is Darren (Danny).. not too keen on Danielle although Lila Danielle sounds kind of sweet.

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    You could have Lila Richelle Dani if you don't like Danielle.

    Or like another poster said, how bout your name? Or perhaps you've already used that. The other thing would be a famous or well know person that both you and your husband like/admire. Like some women LOVE Audrey Hepburn or I don't know Hilary Clinton so you could go with Audrey; so even though you have run out of people you know, its still someone cool.

    Other than that, I don't think it would bother her majorly that she doesn't have two middle names. Ive never met anyone who is upset about not having a name. More having a silly middle name. So don't go with Beardsley or Simon or anything like that!

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    I think if your going to use 2 you need a shorter middle name too.

    Lila Richelle Grace

    Lila Richelle Joy

    Lila Richelle Kay

    Lila Richelle Quinn

    Lila Richelle rose

    Lila Richelle Jane

    Lila Richelle Jaide

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    Lila Richelle

    Lila Amanda

    Lila Charlotte

    Look since your three other girls have two middle names I think the fourth one sould have one too...

    secound middle name ideas-




    *Good Luck*

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    Lila Rochelle is very cute actually and a sweet way to honor your dad despite having only daughters. I don't think she needs to have two middle names but if there's a name you really love that fits well then why not.

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  • 3 years ago

    Sophie Francine & Felicia Michelle Ava Nicole & Eva Marie Vivian Cole & Valorie Ray Daphne Lynn & Stephaine Rae Reba Dee & Rita Jean Beverly Anne & Mallory Irene Pheobe Pearl & Fiona Fay Lindsay Lee & Lesile Leigh Kelsey Morgan & Chelsea Maranda

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    Lila Richelle sounds pretty how about your husbands name? female-ing it up? his middle name? your name? his?

  • 8 years ago

    That actually sounds very nice! I think its fine Lilah Richelle Evany would be a nice combo!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Lillian Richelle (your middle name or 1st name)

  • 8 years ago

    Just go with Lila Wayne. She will have so much street cred! Hope this helps!

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