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Looking for healthy smoothie ideas to include Kale and/or Spinach?


I am looking to get healthier and to try and introduce better vitamins/ antioxidents/ etc into my family and my diet. I am not looking to go full fledged juicing where it is the only thing we are drinking, but just something to add in some xtras. There are ingredients that I have so far that I want to include and I purchased a "Ninja" blender. I realize that it won't be juice juice, rather more like a smoothie and we are fine with that...I want to try and do this healthy without adding a lot of additives and I don't want to go the processed way with prepackaged stuff. I was hoping that someone might be able to provide some suggestions with the list of ingredients and what they would pair together and some things that you may have tried. So far I have:










I also have greek yogurt.

I also plan to add in straight psyllium (sp?) husk and also freshly ground flax seed.

I am open to any ideas and pairings..

I know there are a lot of fruit pairings, but I am looking to include the Kale and spinach more so... to get those added antioxidants/minerals/vitamins.

Also, would I blanch the kale and spinach before using it?

Thanks so much for any ideas you might have.

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    when I make myself smoothies with kale i just put it in raw---no blanching. I dont have a ninja tho, i have a krups with a 1100 watt motor. I would put kale spinach beets for health and banana berries pineapple---really any fruit available to mask the taste of it. I didnt add yoghurt just some ice to make it cold and water to liquify it if needed. if I want it a little sweeter I add some honey.

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