Muslims, do you feel this way too?

Im so tired of seeing on the news or the radio or in the media about muslims blowing up stuff and muslims beating their wives and not letting them out of the house and treating them like animals. I hate seeing all of this because this is NOT what Islam represents, not even 0.000001%. And I'm tired of thinking that the terrorists or the men who beat their wives, etc, think that they are doing right and that it is not haram. WHERE DID THEY LEARN ALL THESE STUFF???? DON'T THEY READ THE QURAN??? I mean its ridiculous. I feel so mad right now against muslims like these people, they can't even declare themselves as muslims when they do such things. I know we should not judge but that is why people have such a bad image of Islam, because of these people!! I feel like their aren't real muslims in this world anymore, those who don't talk bad about each other(because Allah says that talking bad about someone is like eating your brothers flesh), who wear hijab correctly, who treat their wives very good, who don't say stuff like: behead those who are not-muslims (i have seen many posters like these in protests in the UK), killing is such a big sin so why would they even SAY these kinds of stuff!!!! It makes me so mad because, again, that is why people think we are terrible people!!!!!!!!!

What do you think??

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    8 years ago
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    @ "?": Probable Muslim defenses:

    "Fox news!". But you can hear this on other news channels too. Oh, and check to see how many people were killed by Muslim terrorists the month before that Norway guy killed 90 or so people. Muslim terrorists killed 605 people that month. Did anyone hear about them at all ? No. Biased media ? Yeah, biased AGAINST reporting on Islamic atrocities. And still you hear about them. Unless of course you have a seriously liberal media channel that doesn't touch anything that might offend the Muslims.

    "You're just a biased Christian!" but atheists are aware of how jacked up Islam is. I'm an atheist, not a Christian but Christianity looks like a commune of hippie scientists next to Islam.

    "Just learn about Islam". Yeah. I was a liberal, dutifully parroting the 'Islam means peace' riff and THEN I learned about Islam. Now I sing a different tune.

    "Just read the Koran". You know, I'm familiar with the Koran but I haven't read it. But the guys at Skeptics Annotated have been over it with a fine toothed comb and they're not impressed. The Koran is a spin off of the old testament stuff, so it's basically rubbish. In Islam they believe in an Adam and an Eve. They pretty much believe in anything that is not expressly 'abrogated' (something that means 'God changed his mind') by the Koran.

    "Just read the Koran in Arabic". What ? You have to learn a different language to get the Koran right ? Then why do nonArabic speaking people convert to Islam ? Do they even care what their book says ? Apparently not. So why should I join a religion that has people joining who don't even know what their own holy book says ? Apparently something OTHER than the supposed 'wisdom of the scriptures' is getting people to convert.

    "?", you can't even spell the sh!t, how much do you expect us to think YOU know about it ? And also, you're not defending Islam. You're simply attacking something else. If OJ Simpson is on trial for murder, his lawyer doesn't get to say "Well, Jack The Ripper killed lots and lots of women. So why should MY client go to jail for killing one ?".

    P.S Muslims are even tinier minority in Thailand yet they have managed to behead Buddhist BOYS. They are quite a majority in Europe who have formed terro.rist organizations across Europe and thus they are more than enough to fly planes into buildings, do the fort hood, do the b0mbings in London, Spain, Russia etc. You Muslims did not even spare the children in Beslan Russia.

    Have you looked up about how sunni's b0mb other mosques?

    Have you looked up about Muslim-against-Muslim atrocities in Iraq, Algeria, Sudan, etc.? and muslims out here hide it & cry foul towards the imaginary persecution they get from the kaffirs . As a matter of fact, the term “Islamo-fascism” was coined by Algerian Muslims and ex-Muslims to describe the Islamic fanatics who slaughtered 150,000 fellow Algerian Muslims in the 1990s.

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    8 years ago

    The people who say this are the radicals of politics and religion , they are looking for power and use every method to do so, even bending their religion to feed their hatred against others. I am not Muslim but I see this clearly , I also know that good Muslims follow their religion and the real religion not the one that these ppl do . It is easy to excite men with their rhetoric and gain the momentum of support , it is sad that you wonderful ppl have to suffer at their expense , we do not believe that you are a part of this unholy situation , anyone with a brain will know that they are the terrorists not you! I have lived a long time in this world and now its all a shambles and I feel sorry for those just starting out , I see different species of animals who can be together without killing and threatning why cant man do the same? The answer is simple "money and power " and they are not doing it for your good they are doing it for their good They are bullies and killers and a lot of us in other nations have wonderful friends who are the TRUE Muslims and not these fools......

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    8 years ago


    The first thing I want to quote is the Quran:

    "Who does greater wrong than one who invents falsehood against Allah, even as he is being summoned to Submission? And Allah guides not the disbelievers. Their intention is to extinguish Allah's Light (by blowing) with their mouths: But Allah will complete His Light, even though the Unbelievers detest (it). It is He Who has sent His Messenger with Guidance and the Religion of Truth (Islam), that he may make it conquer all religion, even though the disbelievers hate (it)." 61:7

    So you don't have to worry about muslims making Islam lose its power, clearness or attractiveness. You would be amazed how many converts became so only by reading quran, not by listening to a muslim give dawah or an intellectual conversation (these are just preliminary things). Allah guides and Allah doesn't need us to support Islam when it has Allah's support. Just you do dawah to whoever you can in a form of hikma and patience. No need to shout or get violent (not that I'm saying you do but just generally). Allah is the opener of hearts and ears. May Allah help us.


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    8 years ago

    If your sick of it, then consider this: Christians and non-Christians in the United States at least make a concerted effort to acknowledge and clean up their problems, and to clean their own house when it comes to terrorism and hate groups:

    These are but a few of the groups that were formed by regular people to combat hate groups and domestic terrorist groups. The SPLC works closely with law enforcement and victims, and actually acts as a victim advocate. The KKK and Skin Head organizations were basically rendered meaningless by the SPLC. The SPLC sued each of their organizations, bankrupted them, and gave the money to the victims. I'll add, they are also donation based, and render their services for free.

    I see no organization such as this by the Muslims. I do see the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) with it's "Don't Talk To The FBI" :

    Plus I see a lot of rants, conspiracy theories, and denials. If you guys would stop stuff like this, it would help, A LOT. You can say that Muslims aren't Islam. The problem is, only other Muslims will believe that- the rest of the world doesn't. While Muslims may not be Islam, they are certainly it's representatives, care takers, and ambassadors. As a result, the rest of the world will judge Islam by Muslim words, action, or non-action.

    Until there is a wide spread, active Muslim organization such as the SPLC that works actively to counter Islamic terrorism, works closely with law enforcement, and is very vocal against terrorism, the main stream west isn't going to take Muslims or the religion of Islam as a peaceful religious organization, nor will their view of Muslims change.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    A lot of it has to do with the media, I agree with Brother Ibrahim. But on the flip side, cultural practices and ignorance play a huge roll, too. There are Muslims who do these things (bombings, beheadings, mistreatment of women, etc.) and there are anti-Islamists just waiting to pounce on it. I will give you a perfect example:

    One woman from my local masjid has a husband who abuses her. They got married very quickly after she converted to Islam (a few months). Her family saw her change and saw what she was going through and immediately assumed that he treated her that way because Islam allowed it. Now they have an unfavorable view of the religion when in fact, the way he treats her is his own fault, not the teaching of Islam. See how ignorance can change the face of things?

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    8 years ago

    One of the problems is that, as you say, Muslims are not supposed to say anything bad about others.

    When there is a terrorist atrocity carried out by Muslims, the mainstream Muslim population very rarely say anything against it and others outside the religion assume that they actually support it because they don't appear to be against it. This leads to a lot of hate of Muslims.

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    As salaam.

    You might stop to think that in the US, as an example, more than 82% of the adult population claims to be or professes to be "Christian" which statistically implies that 82 % of all the crimes (i.e., murder, rape, child molestation, armed robbery, assault, thievery of all kinds, drug crimes and all other immoralities) are committed by "Christians". The statistical fact that more than 70% of all those incarcerated in the US profess to be Christian backs up the same aforementioned statement.

    However, the news media seldom mentions the supposed faith of the criminals in this country while they always mention the faith of any criminal from any nation that is predominately Muslim.

    If you're sick of anything, be sick and tired of the distortions that the media has created and thereby the hate they have given rise to in the general population.

    The government in the West has used such distortions to incite the citizens of the same to happily invade other nations and have the same avoid looking at the corruption in their own government.

    The same thing is happening in all of the Islamic nations which is why we see their citizens calling the US and the West vile names and burning their flags, storming their embassies, etc.

    Welcome to modern political control.

    ma'a salaam

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    8 years ago

    The shaytaan can have a very big influence on the weak minded.

    May Allah guide us all...

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    8 years ago

    yes u hit the nail on the head.. btw backbiting stinks.. i know.. nothing good comes out of it, big sin for sure

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    8 years ago


    Source(s): don't follow islam which causes you to be like that.
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