How do I become a computer forensics specialist?

I am in college right now on a Computer Science major. I wanted to be a policeman but my parents aren't comfortable with it. I heard about this career and want to know more about it as I would love to help fight crime. Thanks!

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  • 8 years ago
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    The Computer Science major you are in now will give you some good background but you will need some additional certifications and training.

    The good news for your parents is there are some jobs in this field outside the police career. I have many wonderful friends who are policemen and they will all tell you it is stressful and difficult. One need only to look at divorce stats for policemen to see that.

    Also, you might find some work in government areas (FBI, Customs, U.S. Attorney, Homeland Security) involving computing forensics, computing security, cryptography, etc.

    I have given you a link to a super sharp forensics guy I know. Just from going through all the links on his site you will be able to get some ideas of what you need to do. Here are some of the certs you will need to work towards:

    All Examiners hold multiple certifications in a variety of disciplines, including:

    •IACIS Certified Forensic Computer Examiner.

    •EnCE EnCase Certified Examiner.

    •IACIS Certified Electronic Evidence Collection Specialist.

    •IACIS Advanced Seizure and Processing of DOS, Windows Based Computers Certification.

    •IACIS Advanced Forensic Network Essentials Certificate.

    •SCERS (Seized Computer Evidence Recovery Specialist, FLETC).

    •FLETC (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center).

    •HTCN Advanced Certification, Computer Crime Investigator.

    •HTCN Advanced Certification, Computer Forensic Technician.

    •EnCase™ Advanced Computer Forensics Certificate.

    •ACFS Certified Fraud Specialist.

    •California Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Security and Investigative Services license 20551.

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