R&P: We're taking a trip to the Golden State?

Hola R&P,

Time for us to take a trip to California

MQ: Favorite song that mentions California in the title?

MQ2: Favorite song that mentions Los Angeles in the title or lyrics?

MQ3: Favorite band from LA?

Here's mine

MQ: California Uber Alles - Dead Kennedys


Youtube thumbnail

MQ2: Los Angeles - Frank Black


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MQ3: Rage Against the Machine?


BQ: What state do you live in? Or if it's another country where?

BQ2: If you could chose anywhere in the world to live, where would you chose?

BQ3: Favorite pizza topping(s)?


(((Zidane))) Yeah, I liked it alot to. But now i've got my whole Goth thing going on.

Update 2:

(((Opi))) Hello :)

Update 3:

(((Missle Kid))) That's great :) Where've ya been?

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