Are there any good electric guitar packs under 200$?

Online or in stores under 200 dollars? I live in America so if it can't be ordered or bought from here then it is no use....Thanks guys

Oh and it doesn't have to be state of the arc, I am just a beginner :)

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  • 8 years ago
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    There are several, for varying definitions of "good." Some have quite decent guitars, for example the Fender Squier sets. The Squier is a foreign-built Stratocaster, the wood's not as good as the ones they were building in the USA 50 years ago, but it's a very solid design and they've got a very solid reputation. Countless musicians of varying styles have played strats. Peavey and Epiphone also have good quality guitars with packages in this price range. That's just from a quick scan on Amazon, there may be other options available.

    None of these sets will come with an amp suitable for performing. The amp will be a practice amp, probably about 10 watts and mediocre quality. A gig-quality amp will cost a lot more than $200, but these guitars are fine. Professionals use them.

    Source(s): I played a Fender Squier bass in my failed bid as a professional musician. The instrument is solid.
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