Spanish football section: Rate and Comment....?

On scale 1-10, Rate:

1. Rate the Tactics of Jose and Pep and your comments on it.

2. Rate the Referee ad your comments

3. Rate Barca's players ( in particular)

4. Rate Real Madrid players ( in particular)

5. the man of the match and the worst man of the match from both of the sides.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    1.8 for Jose Mourinho and 4 for Pep. Real Madrid made a unexpected come back in the 2nd half thanks to Mourinho's tactics. Pep Guardiola made a BIG mistake by putting Fabregas rather than Messi in the midfield.

    2. Five. He was poor, and should've done much better. Real Madrid were denied two clear penalties. Ramos goal was disallowed.

    3. Five

    4: Eight

    5. Ozil MOTM for Real, Alves MOTM for Barca. Higuain flop of the match for Madrid, Cesc/Sanchez/Puyol/ Albidal/Pique flop of the match for Barcelona.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    1. 9 for Jose' ( I didn't really hoped this from Real Madrid, They made a great comeback, the game should have been like 8-3, though i couldn't rate 10 because we are eliminated) and 2 for Pep ( i couldn't gave more, I think barca were afraid to play Madrid last night but i gave him 2 because of 2 goals they made.)

    2. 3 (what's up with this referee, did he get paid or what? he was in favor of barca' , In the pitch whatever thier status are, both team should be treated equal 50:50 ,,, Hey! hey! this is f***in' disgrace )

    3. 4 ( they couldn't handle madrid's pace, they always play same type of boring or possessing football although they made 2 goals so i gave them 4)

    4. 9 ( Real Madrid players were fantastic out there, they gave their best performance however they didn't create many goals from all those chances they had and they were discriminated, my rating would have been 10 on 10 if they had win)

    5. Mesut Ozil was the man of the match and Higuain of course the worst of the match for not even scoring 1 goal from 3 clear chances he had! ( Only one person can be the man of the match from one game) ......... No respect for Barca',,, they are not worth it !!!

    Source(s): I love these types of game from Real Madrid, mostly attacking pace.... seeing this now they simply are unstoppable if they continue to play like this... ( Barca were nothing last night)
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    1- Pep 8 , he should have brought busquets a Lil bit lower to cover Benzema , then real Madrid wouldn't have scored the second goal

    Jose : 7

    granero and callejon and benzema were excellent subs but he should have started them .


    he made mistakes

    3- Messi's pass judging by the situation he was in was absolutely lovely (Pedro's goal) =10

    4-Ozil was great , he should have had that shot in goal , just unlucky , he made some good passes too =9

    5-Messi , he made the first goal and been good during the game

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