Choosing where your taxes go?

I think that the US government should change the way taxes are spent. I believe that out of the total taxes taken from any person in one years time the Govt should take 50% and spend it in anyway they choose. The other 50% should get to be allocated by the individual that it's taken from. The individual would have the choice of whether they want their money to go toward military or social programs, highway construction, space exploration, etc. What do you think? There are probably people that wouldn't make the most educated allocations, so maybe it should be a privilege that you can earn and mabey some kind of compitency test or qualifications. Obviously criminals would not be given this privilege.

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  • eric
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    8 years ago
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    I guess it would be an educated decision for the tax payer, instead of blindly paying the government to do what they want with our money giving them the choice would make the government take a hard look at what to cut and what to keep and give the tax payer more of a choice when it comes to national spending. But 50%, I don't know, I'd rather have complete control of my money and pay what I need to pay, the essentials and basic needs, then decide on what I can spare and what can be added

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  • 8 years ago

    I think this is more of a rant, then really a question.

    And, if the people were in control of government spending, nothing would get done. We restrict freedom so that we may live free in an orderly society. We all give up a little bit of our paycheck for a well kept society, such as maintaining nice roads and having a police.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I don't like the part where the gov't gets to spend my money any way they choose. It's meant to go toward infrastructure, war and immigration ie. protecting our borders. They should give 50% BACK to us so we can spend it or save it or whatever. Right now they are using our money to oppress us and take away our liberties one by one with impossible regulations!

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