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Damian asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 8 years ago

Who was the best Michael Myers?

In my opinion I'd say it's a very close contest between Nick Castle (1978 classic) & Dick Warlock (1981). Nick Castle's classic walk, in the chase he walked as if he's taking his time, but at the same time he looked as if he's speed walking.

Dick Warlock in Halloween II I think he walked slower, but because if that in the chase scene & end it looked better and gave more suspense (which is a main reason why I watch Halloween).

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    8 years ago
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    I'd be in almost total agreement with your choices. Nick Castle's Michael Myers is the only Myers who actually scares me. The mask is the creepiest, the walk is intimidating and he had a subtlety (sorry for the bad spelling) that pretty much all the others lacked.

    I'm a fan of Wilbur and Warlock, but I feel the costume designs and the way they walked (alongside all the other external factors of the movie) made them less terrifying. I like Tyler Mane's Michael as a character on his own, but his Michael is a disgrace to what the old Michael Myers were like.

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