why do hispanics claim the state is Incompetent & nobody is smart enough to understand illegal immigration?

Before the meeting, several outside groups, including the North Carolina Council of Churches and North Carolina Justice Center, sent out news releases criticizing the committee's efforts to consider more state restrictions. More identification requirements to access services could discourage illegal immigrants from seeking public assistance for their children who are U.S. citizens, they said.

About 50 people held a rally outside the Legislative Building after the meeting to oppose the state's involvement in immigration law. They argue immigration policy is the scope of the federal government.

Placing additional enforcement burdens on state officials who aren't experts in immigration rules during poor economic times isn't a solution, Mauricio Castro, the organizer for the North Carolina Latino Coalition, based in Durham, said in an interview.

"We're not really resolving the root causes of this problem," Castro said.


How come in Calif, Hispanics say it's no burden for police to remain with illegals caught driving without licenses and insurance for an unlimited amount of time until they can locate a suppose driver with license ?

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    9 years ago
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    Here in Florida if hispanics, blacks or whatever dont have a license and insurance they can go straight to jail or fined for months and without a car...no chances at all. So I dont know why california would need the privilege of wanting to give illegals the chance that US americans themselves dont have. Im hispanic (puerto rican) and if I were a cop and had to stop someone with no drivers license I would definitely report it, its sad to deport an illegal whom is trying to maybe support his family and have kids and all but me being an immediate US citizen I have no privileges whatsoever why would I not follow equality and justice. We have the chance to do things right and we dont...the wrong things turn out bad and their are consequences in life for it. I understand the desperation of illegal immigrants, mexicans and other hispanic say we puerto ricans dont understand because we dont have to suffer like they do with papers, but we do know what is like to take away family from you. Its not fair. What is fair is to do things legally and be a US citizen to pay taxes in order to not hurt the economy like america is hurting now. My kids educational funds are being cut, teachers pay are being cut, federal and state help is being limited and unemployment rate its ridiculous for US citizen all because illegals dont do things legally.

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    4 years ago

    no, i don't feel that the unlawful immigrants will self deport themselves despite the fact that the cash is dried up and another lures there are are long past. i consider they'll nonetheless stay wherein they're since they consider for a few cause they're bigger off right here then wherein they had been. dont get me mistaken i could like to look each and every unmarried unlawful immigrant deported ASAP. i've not anything towards immigration, come one come all BUT do exactly it legally.

  • 9 years ago

    Hispanics want to be experts in immigration, but they still do not understand what illegal means. Why is it every press releases always has hispanics speaking out and no other races are ?

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