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Is Solar Energy sustainable?

Need Help guys! Will give points to the best ANSWER!! Thanks! I need to write a page so info much appreciated..

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    Short answer: Yes, but not on its own. But do your own homework.

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    Solar is from the sun. So how long has the sun been around and how long will it be around? The sun has been around for over two billion years and by some estimates will be around for at least the same time. So is solar the energy from the sun sustainable. The short answer is yes. How do we use the energy from the sun and is that sustainable? The answer to that is Yes and No. Yes if we use the abilities of plants to reproduce and convert sunlight into sugars and starches that fuel our bodies then yes it is sustainable. If we talk about using solar cells and other man made solar technology then the answer is No if we keep the present or higher population levels. If we reduce our population, recycle and measure out our meager resources than yes it could be sustainable. The reason why we can't sustain the solar tech industry at present levels. How plants make energy. How the human body uses starch and sugar

    That should get you started. Use Google it helps.

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    There are three main types or solar energy systems that we can use thermal (for hot water or heating), photovoltaic (turn sun energy in electricity) and passive (sun shine through the window and warms up a room).

    Solar Thermal amd Passive Solar can be used to gret affect with any high tech equipment in orientating a house to maximise benefit require little extra input for a more sustainable home.

    The addition of solar thermal panels is the most efficient way to collect the suns energy, perhaps ten times more effcient than photovoltaics, solar themal can also be home made.

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    Yes there will be solar energy for as long as there is sun.

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    Yes but no passive solar is always available. Active is only accessible with modern technology.

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    No. They say the Sun will burn out in a billion years or so.

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    only in the day time

    until we run out of sun.

    not on a cloudy day.

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    Yes, it can be sustainable.

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    no doubt about that man just get it at the amount you need and that's all also very cheap.

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