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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesBooks & Authors · 9 years ago

Are my Percy Jackson character's Gary Stu's?

Ok, I'm a bit worried that my characters are Gary Stu's, can you tell me if they are? (I'm only doing the guys.) Can you also tell me who you like the most out of them?

Name: Trent

Godly Parent: Thanatos, god of death and reaper of souls

Powers: He can sense when someone fades or dies. He can communicate with spirits. He can raise the undead to do things for him, he can shadow travel as well. He can also possess/steal the soul of someone, but it takes a lot of energy out of him and there is a 85% chance he will die doing it...

Good Traits: Flirty, Dedicated, Seductive, Daring, Thrilling, Good Fighter

Bad Traits: Irresponsible, Arrogant, Paranoid, Obsessive, Vain, Dumb,Hot Headed, Jealous-Prone, Rude, Man-Whore, Cocky, Threatening.

Weapon: A stygian iron spear and a stygian iron javelin that transforms from a deck of cars and always returns to him

Looks: He has Inky Black hair that's cut short and messy. He has midnight blue eyes and pale skin from his father. He's said to look like the "Corpse of a male model" meaning he's good looking but in a deathly way. He's a tiny bit taller then average with a chisled & muscled build. He has a tattoo of a dragon all down his left arm and another of 2 black scythes intertwining along with a long slash mark across the left side his neck from a training session with a "friend" of his.

Fatal Flaw: He doesn't trust anyone

Other: He likes to play the drums and he fixes cars and motorcycles in his free time. In the end of the story, he betrays his friends and joins the enemy *willingly* and doesn't come back. He really doesn't get along with Nico at all, but its more like he's jealous that he can go into the underworld and he can't.

Name: Kane

Godly Parent: Dionysus

Powers: He can cure and make people go insane through visions or just staring into there eyes. He can make someone seem drunk.

Good Traits: Daredevil, Daring, Funny, Party Animal, Laid Back, Athletic, Independent, and Good Temper

Bad Traits: Immature, Irresponsible, Insensitive, Insane, Screws up a lot, Easily Swayed, Jealous, Gullible, Sarcastic, Rebellious and Judgmental

Weapon: He uses an imperial gold trident, a net, and manica. He fights like the type of gladiator, Retiarii.

Looks: He has messy and shaggy bleached blonde hair and purple eyes that always gleam of insanity that he gets from his father. He's said to have a good looking, surfer-boy look going to him. He's tan and has a well-muscled surfer's build. Kane has a tattoo of a snake curled around his left forearm and a scar

of a very jagged shape on his lower abdomen to the top of his abs.

Fatal Flaw: Envy

Other: He has an obsession with balloons and he has an Australian accent.

Name: Dallas

Godly Parent: Mars, Roman god of war, violence and blood lust

Powers: He's extremely strong.

Good Traits: chivalrous, gallant, charming, brave, confident, great fighter, and street smart

Bad Traits: Hot headed, easily annoyed, stubborn, merciless, Manipulative, over protective, competitive, possessive, get's in lots of fights, witty, sarcastic, cocky, grouchy, and grumpy

Weapon: He uses a cestus with spikes at the end and an imperial gold spatha

Looks: He's handsome, looking a bit like an ice sculpture with a cold and proud expression on his face. He has brown hair thats cut short and spiked up and pale blue eyes. He's well muscled, partly from being a son of Mars/Ares and from his training. He has a tattoo of 2 ancient Roman fighting each other to death with spear on his left shoulder. On his right forearm he has a tattoo of his sword and his sword melts into it. He has the roman camp tattoo, a boar's head with the initials SPQR and a 3 bar lines beneath. He has a bullet wound in his left hand from a small incident with the police.

Fatal Flaw: Blood Thirsty (Can't resist a fight)

Other: He likes to box and he has a rivalry with his half brother Frank Zhang.

Name: Dominic

Godly Parent: Janus

Powers:Since his father is the god of doors, he can use doors to travel to any door in the world. For example, he can go through his cabin door and end up at a door in Germany. He makes mistakes though and sometimes ends up at a door where he's not supposed to go.

Good Traits: Sensitive, Gentle, Enthusiastic, Dreamy, Artistic, Imaginative, and Curious

Bad Traits: Soft-Spoken, Loner, Shy, Broken, Mentally Unstable, Childish, Distant, Mysterious, Merciless in battle, insane, forgetful,and Absent minded.

Weapon: 2 imperial gold gladiuses (SP?), fights similar to an ancient Roman Dimachaerus (Type of Gladiator)

Looks: He has olive skin and coal black hair that's cut short and spiked up messily. He has coal black eyes and he's average height and lean and muscled.he has scars all over his body (See below) He has a Tattoo of a key on the right side of his neck.

Fatal Flaw:Weak Willed

Other: He was tortured by the enemies cuz a


Kinda need trent to be flirty... gives One of my other character's a chance to slap him...

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  • 9 years ago
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    Changes I would make:

    Trent - Get rid of flirty, thrilling, paranoid, and obsessive traits, along with the dragon tattoo. Also, forget the plays drums and fixes cars/motorcycles.

    Kane - Get rid of athletic, independent, and screws up a lot traits. Loose the snake tattoo.

    Dallas - Get rid of charming, street smart, easily annoyed, over protective, and grouchy traits.

    Dominic - Get rid of merciless in battle, mysterious, and childish traits. Get rid of key tattoo.

    Okay, going over this, your characters seem to have a lot of tattoos. If each one is significant, ignore the suggested changes to them. On that note, your characters seem really interesting, especially Dominic. Hopefully, the Gary Stu thing will get fixed. Good luck writing!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Lightning Thief: The Graphic Novel (Percy Jackson & the Olympians) by Rick Riordan is one of the more original fantasy books that I've come across in a while. It takes something that most people are interested in (mythology) and puts an updated fantasy spin on it. The premise is that the Greek gods are still active and up to their old tricks (including having children with mortals), and that our hero Percy is the child of one of these gods.


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