i5-2430M vs AMD Quad-Core 1.5GHz A8-3500M?

I know that the i5 is better but how much better? Is it substantial? Will I notice a difference?


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  • C-Man
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    9 years ago
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    Yes it's a substantial difference in raw CPU horsepower but it depends upon your intended usage as to whether you'd notice much difference.

    What types of tasks will you be using the computer for? E-mail and Facebook? Working on spreadsheets? Watching movies?

    The biggest factor affecting gaming performance isn't the processor but your graphics card option. And in that regard the A8-3500M's built-in APU is far superior to the Core i3's Intel HD Graphics 2000.

    You're talking about laptop processors here, and on laptops you cannot upgrade to a better graphics card later, you're stuck with whatever graphics adapter it comes with.

    Among laptop processor benchmark rankings, the Core i3 2430M is ranked #46 overall while the AMD A8-3500M is way down at #138 overall. So for a general purpose computer, the Core i3 is much better.


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