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Refund deposits starting at 11:00 am central time.?

Where are you folks getting these times?

Whats your source?


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    ACH deposits can post at any time of day.

    FMS -- the Treasury agency that actually makes the deposits and cuts the checks for all Federal payments including tax refunds -- sends out payments around the clock. When you will see the money in your account depends upon network congestion and your bank's posting procedures.

    Anyone who gives you a specific time of day is clueless since it's not possible for several hundred thousand transactions to be transmitted and posted simultaneously; it's a continuous on-going process.

    Source(s): Used to work in the banking industry.
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  • 8 years ago

    I read the same thing about the 11 am time. For years, i have gotten my refund in the wee morning hours just before I wake up, never mid-day. I know things can change though. I would have to agree with your previous poster, that it is pretty impossible to predict a TIME that it will be DD. I am releived to see that there were other people expecting their returns today that did not get them (not that im happy people arent getting the money, just glad im not the only person). Have a great day!

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    From someone just trying to give an answer!

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