Are illegals coming to this country for free maternity care while US citizens pay a fortune to have a child?

bankrupt cities with high illegal births

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    8 years ago
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    What do you mean by ''illegal'' birth ?

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    We really need comprehensive immigration reform in this country and I see clearly that most of our politicians don't want to touch the system, because there's so much to do.

    This is a country formed by immigrants, we can't forget that. Unfortunately, when the government don't update the immigration system, both the people and the law firms engage in bad behavior in order to get what they want and as we know, the more educated some bad attorneys are, the more greedy they are.

    Most of these illegal people are coming to the us, for the same reason our fathers or grand and grandfathers came here, except the Native Americans. They came seeking for a righteous nation, where they could be treated as citizens, because in their own nations they were not even considered human beings (I am talking about the poor immigrants).

    We should request our representatives in both houses, to simplify the immigration process, so people can start immigrating legally. We need review the situation of the ones who are living here decently, helping our economy and want to become citizens. If they want to start play by our rules, learn proper English and live according our principles, why not to give them a chance of ascension in our society? Let's not forget that millions of Americans are also immigrants in many other countries and we don’t want them to be mistreated.

    It’s imperative that we protect our borders, but we need to start a guest worker program for the labor needs of the country, because as we invest in higher education to our citizen, who will leave a high pay job to work in the fields? Another thing that we have to realize, is that a lot of foreign people working here, would like to have the freedom to be able to come back and forth. A lot of them, would like to be able to build their houses and take care of their families in their countries, so if they could become guest workers, they would be happy. So, it make sense to organize the whole thing and get us out of this immigration black market. Not doing anything, will only make it worse.

    Regarding the free maternity, we should create an affordable health insurance based on the income of these people, or pay for all their medical expenses without any restriction and send the bill to their countries and if their countries refuse to pay, deduct the bill from their imported goods until we solve their immigration status.

    To close, we should deport all the illegal prison population to their country of origin, because they are no help to this country.

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    ... and some! Is Obama serious is there NO MORE HANDOUTS?

  • 8 years ago

    If it is true why not?

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