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what does commercial art do? Commercial Art & Logo Questions. 10 points best answer!?

What does commercial art do?

What features create successful lettering?

What is the purpose of a logo for a business.

Examples of effective logos!?


*What does a commercial ARTIST do?

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    It's an association thing, everyone in north america recognizes the puma logo. Corporations pay a lot of money to have their logo seen by as many people as possible. so next time the consumer is looking for a product (say shoes), they (sub)consciously associate the logo's they've seen with a product, informing their choice of product brand. HOWEVER, there is not alot of evidence that this method (of brand association) actually works, but corporations do spend alot of money on this method.

    contrasting colours. simple and clean, yet recognizable logo's, are very successful for brands (like the pepsi logo). chevy, ford, pepsi, puma, mercedes, and apple all have very recognizable logo's.

    a commercial (freelance) artist can make a couple thousand dollars a logo, and live fairly comfortably. They'll often show up in an interview-like process, with several designs, and a company will pick the one they like best.

    If you're thinking about being a freelance designer, you wont even need a degree, although some training in design does help. professional software like Adobe photoshop, GIMP, and Inkscape are the main tools for designers, and they'll always have a pencil and paper on hand.

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    Commercial art is what pays. You make what the customer orders. Often this can be a company wanting something for a commercial purpose but even portrait painting can be viewed as commercial art.

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