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Does the Philippines have an Internal Revenue Service?

I"m trying to follow the Impeachment trial but I'm not too keen on everything.

For instance, they say Corona did not file income tax returns since 2002. Why didn't the IRS inquire about that?

Also, if there is an IRS, why have they not compared Corona's income to the property he alledgedly purchased?

The IRS in the states would have been on him like stink on chit.

No one escapes the IRS. ( unless they are good at hiding their money)

Its a secret weapon but not so secret of the government. One of the most notorious mobsters of all time, Al Capone went to prison Alcatraz Island for failing to claim income. He died in prison of syphlis in the brain.

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    Yes they have something similar. It's called the BIR (Bureau of Internal Revinue).

    However they don't have the political will nor the number of agents to enforce it. Nevermind how easily Officials are bribed here.

    Failing to collect the amount owed the Government they resorted to EVAT (Expanded Value added tax) on everything you buy with no exemptions. 12% on everything. Food, fuel, cloting nothing is exempted.

    Source(s): Living in the Philippines since 2002.
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    so some distance as property taxes, sure, the owner of the valuables could desire to pay taxes, in spite of nationality, citizenship or place of abode. the only exception is the living house exemption, a citizen could declare on his often going on place of abode which will decrease taxes in this property basically. as for earnings taxes, you may desire to pay earnings tax interior the rustic which you're a resident, so once you're a US citizen working foreign places, yet your domicile of abode is interior the U. S., you pay US earnings taxes. in the journey that your domicile of abode is interior the Philippines, you may desire to pay earnings taxes to the philippines gov't no longer the U. S. government. you may desire to look into the regulations, alongside with a a million 3 hundred and sixty 5 days place of abode requirement, etc. you additionally can prefer to look into particular incentives at particular freeport zones, alongside with Clark & Subic, etc. that enables foriegners to open a buisness, you get unfastened infinite get admission to visas, and get earnings tax exemptions for some years.. and because you would be living foreign places, which ability no US earnings tax the two, in case you heavily plan your pass & record all earnings tax papers wisely. you may lose that possibility in case you follow for twin citizenship.

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