FAFSA Due date situation?

I am a undergraduate class of 2012 and was wondering if I can still fill out my fafsa even though I have not submitted any college applications, the college I am most likely going to is a community college and the term I want to enroll is Fall or Winter 2012 but it is not available yet, instead the college I want to go to is offering Spring 2012 according to my state California, I should have my fafsa in by March 2 ( for initial awards) / September 2 (for additional community college awards) Am I allowed to wait until the term I want is available and then do the Fafsa or do I have to have the Fafsa in regardless if the term I want to apply for isn't available?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Only FAFSA application that is available to fill out is 2012-2013 which is for Fall 2012 and Spring 2013. If you are interested in going to a college starting in the fall of this year you can fill out the 2012-2013 FAFSA application. And you do not have to apply to the college, university or community college prior to filling out the FAFSA application. You can list the schools you are interested in possibly attending. The schools you list will be able to view all the information you put on the FAFSA application. It's actually best if you fill out the FAFSA first so it has time to process then immediately fill out the applications and send payment in for the application to the schools you are interested in attending. And as far as the community college goes list them on FAFSA as well, fill their application out and then register for the courses you are interested in. Most community colleges have priority registration and some require you to see a counselor and take a specific weekend course in order to boost your priority from last to 3rd or 4th (this is what the local community college requires where I live in Northern California), and then the more courses you take & then talk to a counselor in regards to your academic plan then your priority goes up as well.

    Good luck!

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    9 years ago

    Currently you can only apply for the 2012-13 fafsa, which is for the fall of this year, & spring of next.

    It's too late to fill out the 2011-12 fafsa which would help you with this spring.

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