desarming nuclear weapons?

wouldn't it be better if all the countries that have them would desarm them? because the destruction that comes from them cant ever be a good thing.

if the purpose of having them is to save people, then how is it possible to use nuclear weapons without hurting civilians and innocent people?

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    9 years ago
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    Well low-yield weapons can make for excellent bunker-busters, or take out larger military surface installations (although fallout can always drift to civilian areas), but at least in theory it's possible to use nuclear weapons without killing civilians directly.

    It would be wonderful if nuclear weapons could all be dismantled and we could live without fear of our cities being destroyed, just as it would be wonderful if all guns were destroyed... but these things are impossible. The nuclear weapon, like the gun, cannot be un-invented; the knowledge of how to make them exists in too many places and in too many minds to be wiped out, and there's no gaurentee it couldn't be re-discovered in the future even if we were to wipe that knowledge from the Earth.

    Besides, how can you be sure that everyone had fully disarmed? Whoever holds onto the last nuclear weapon(s) will then be able to use them to attack an enemy without fear of being destroyed themselves by a retaliatory nuclear strike, like the Mutually Assured Destruction that kept the United States & Soviet Union from blowing each other away. In reality, I don't think any country would ever fully trust the others to get rid of their weapons, so they'd might just hold onto some of their own in secret just in case.

    It'd might actually be better if all nations had a small arsenal of nuclear missiles (no need for more than 5 or 10), to be able to discourage nuclear attacks from any other nation. Ever since the existence of the nuclear bomb, no nation that possessed one has ever fallen by warfare.

    Then again, even if all nations were armed, there'd be an arms race over developing technology to shoot offensive missiles out of the sky; whoever would have such a defensive shield system could launch nuclear attacks without fearing a counter-strike. But supposing everyone did have such a shield, then nuclear weapons would be fairly obsolete as far as missile-launched warheads go.

    Perhaps even newer technologies could change that, but to get back to the original question; it's not at all likely that nations will choose to disarm.

  • 9 years ago

    The only thing that stopped us from being nuked in the cold war was the fact that we had nukes to fire back at them. This is still the way it works but on a smaller scale. The genie is out of the bottle and no one is stepping down.

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