Father-Son Duos on the same team!?

Other than Ken Griffey Jr and Sr both playing for the Mariners, Gordie Howe and sons Mark and Marty on the Hartford Whalers (and Gordie and Mark on the Red Wings), and now of course Cecil and Prince Fielder both playing for the Tigers, are there other father-son duos that played for the same professional team?

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    8 years ago
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    Bob and Hank Bassen (Chicago Blackhawks)

    Harvey Sr. and Bill Bennett (Boston Bruins)

    Emile and Pierre Bouchard (Montreal Canadiens)

    Adam and Andy Brown (Detroit Red Wings)

    King and Terry Clancy (Toronto Maple Leafs)

    Charlie and Pete Conacher (Toronto Maple Leafs)

    Dave and Adam Creighton (Chicago Blackhawks)

    Mike and B.J. Crombeen (St. Louis Blues)

    Barry and John Cullen (Toronto Maple Leafs)

    Ab Sr. and Ab Jr. Demarco (Boston Bruins and NY Rangers)

    Bernie "Boom Boom" and Dan Geoffrion (Montreal Canadiens)

    Wayne and Alex Hicks (Pittsburgh Penguins)

    Bryan, Bryan Jr., and Dennis Hextall (NY Rangers)

    Ken and Ken Jr. Hodge (Boston Bruins)

    Bobby and Brett Hull (Winnipeg Jets/Phoenix Coyotes)

    Bill and Trevor Johansen (Toronto Maple Leafs)

    Bob and Brent Johnson (Pittsburgh Penguins and St.Louis Blues)

    Greg and Ryan Malone (Pittsburgh Penguins)

    Basil and Phillip McRae (St.Louis Blues)

    Gilles and Eric Meloce (Pittsburgh Penguins)

    Kent and Robert Nilsson (Edmonton Oilers)

    Jimmy Sr. and Jimmy Jr. Peters (Detroit Red Wings)

    Babe and Tracy Pratts (Toronto Maple Leafs)

    Des and Gary Smith (Chicago Blackhawks)

    Leo and Leo Jr. Reise (NY Rangers)

    Pat and Mike Stapleton (Chicago Blackhawks)

    Billy Sr. and Billy Jr. Taylor (NY Rangers)

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  • 8 years ago

    Ryan and Greg Malone. Only second father-son duo to score a hat trick for same team.

    P.S. The team was the Pittsburgh Penguins

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    3 years ago

    nicely sure and no incredibly, the Gudjohnson legacy of footballers, Eidur got here on as a sub for his father yet did no longer actual play with him. They have been interior an identical group yet no longer actively on the pitch in a expert tournament so did no longer play at the same time. As you wisely suggested with reference to the Charlton's the Neville's have performed at the same time and additionally captained factors against one yet another.

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