what are some links to fathers rights groups in new jersey?

looking for father right groups in new jersey, i live in middlesex county, also any information on ways fathers can gain sole physical custody would be helpfull

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  • 9 years ago
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    - ask Prof. Kevin B. Kelly, http://law.shu.edu/Faculty/display-profile.cfm?cus... , kevin.kelly@shu.edu, 973.642.8700, fax 973-642-5939, Associate Clinical Professor of Law; Clinical Associate Professor at the Center for Social Justice in the Family Law Clinic. He teaches Family Law, Marriage and Divorce, Family Mediation and Family and the State. He is also director of the Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) Program.

    - ask Prof. Jocelyn Elise Crowley, Associate Professor of Public Policy, The Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, 33 Livingston Ave., New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901. E-mail: jocelync@rutgers.edu.

    - ask at the nearest office of the Legal Services of New Jersey (see a list of offices at http://www.lsnj.org/LegalServicesOffices.aspx - there's one office in New Brunswick and another in Perth Amboy, but also call an office in a neighboring county if you live close), by phone (1-888-LSNJ-LAW), or online: try https://lsnjlawhotline.org/, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Legal-Services-of-Ne... , and http://twitter.com/LSNJ ;

    - ask at your local community college or four-year college; try departments like Social Work, Sociology, or Psychology - start with http://socialwork.rutgers.edu/InstituteForFamilies... ;

    - ask at one or more law schools (Rutgers-Newark, Rutgers-Camden, Seton Hall in Newark): call the main number and, if you don't get any info, ask for names and phone numbers of a few professors who specialize in Family Law;

    - search Meetup groups: enter


    in the address bar of your Web browser (put your zipcode in place of the zeros);

    - start your own group, eg. at http://groups.yahoo.com/ or http://www.meetup.com/ , and advertise; stay in touch by e-mail, maybe also hold meetings in an inexpensive restaurant.

    Source(s): A few online searches.
  • Lisa
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    5 years ago

    The topic should read Delinquent child support payors. Not ALL fathers are delinquent and there are many mothers who are ordered to pay child support too. That being said, the laws are pretty strict on child support being paid. A lot of states have a mandatory wage assignment where the child support is pulled directly by the payor's pay check and sent to a clearinghouse where the money is then disbursed. Delinquent payors can be sentenced to jail time for non-payment and their tax refunds can be re-routed to the parent who is owed the money.

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