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Kurds in Turkey and Iran are under intense oppression, do the US have any plan for ending this?

If this problem would be solved by the powerful countries and international community, soon or late an intense conflict inflame middle east, then it is important this matter to be solved.


We will burn Turkey, Iran and Syria if there would not be a peaceful solution for Kurdish rights, we can not live with these wild Persians, Turks and Arabs people anymore.

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    In Turkey, pro-Kurdish PKK/KCK killed thousands of soldiers from both Turkic and Kurdic and many other origins. Turkey Kurds have a political party (BDP) in the Assembly. There is a state TV broadcasting in Kurdish language 7/24. Its name is TRT 6. Turkey had a Kurdish president in the past whose name was Turgut Özal. He enjoyed both prime ministry and presidency. Now, the word "opression" is not true at all. There is deep government organization Ergenekon (Turkish Gladio you can call it). The officials from this organization tortured hundreds of Kurdish leaders past decades. Many of them (even generals) have been tried in Ergenekon trials, which makes there is no Turkish government supported oppression over Kurds. Just wait, this trials will end justly and I hope Kurds will have a relief.

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    Well if the US wants to give them from their own land then they could solve the problem,other than that they should not interfere with it.

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    We'll give them empty promises

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