According to some people worship is meditation only?

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I want to ask them ... if they believe in god... god means all attractive, all powerful, everywhere and everything ?? What is the problem in praying in different form other than meditation??if we pray in idol,pooja, homa, japa or by thinking ..doing work dedicated to god then whats the problem in that??


@odampully -- Actually yes my dear... if you read bhagvad gita and other religious texts it is clearly written over there.we are not born learned what we get is get from here but what we people do is gain knowledge from them and that which suits our intelligence we keep that and claim other things are false.

Praying means "pleasing god", "put effort to know and achieve god" some do by Dhayan Yoga(meditation), Bhakti Yoga, Karma yoga... in actually they are putting efforts and have desire to know god.

For example in Gita God say -- BG 5.4: Only the ignorant speak of devotional service [karma-yoga] as being different from the analytical study of the material world [Sāńkhya]. Those who are actually learned say that he who applies himself well to one of these paths achieves the results of both.

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@☆ⓐⓟⓔ☆ -- Thanks for the beautiful answer and teach us the importance of meditation there is one think which i wanna add to your answer that meditation is not only is wrong to say like this. there are other way also but if we deeply understand them they are based on same principle.Why is it said to surrender everything to God and remains in his thoughts only?? because god(soul) is the "eternal truth" except everything is temporary and arises from our senses ... so some people control senses make them in the devotional service of god and other do it by meditation. its comes from same principle ... and both have same destination that is "god"

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BG 5.2: The Personality of Godhead replied: The renunciation of work and work in devotion are both good for liberation. But, of the two, work in devotional service is better than renunciation of work.

BG 5.5: One who knows that the position reached by means of analytical study can also be attained by devotional service, and who therefore sees analytical study and devotional service to be on the same level, sees things as they are.

BG 5.6: Merely renouncing all activities yet not engaging in the devotional service of the Lord cannot make one happy. But a thoughtful person engaged in devotional service can achieve the Supreme without delay.

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    Worship is meditation. No doubt about it. If you want to worship God using idols or japa etc...fine...but it has to become the only thing that you do that time...Why is it said to surrender everything to God and remains in his thoughts only...It is to induce a person into meditation. Devotion is the simplest way for the emotional mass towards meditation. And meditation is the only way to peace of mind and Samadhi.

    Whatever you say...Bhakti...Yoga...Rituals...Tapas...Love...etc. when it becomes meditation...then the truth is revealed. Odampully....must be ignored when he talks about meditation. For meditation and Yoga...members 'Aum' 'Consort of Goddess' 'DN' etc are the people who can guide... a typical Yuktivadi is preaching half baked knowledge and fully baked nonsense...

    See....its like this. There has always been issues between people of Gyan Marg and Bhakti Marg. On the other extremes...gyan marg can lead to agnostism and atheism and bhakti marg can lead to blindfaith and bigotism... That is why it is always suggested to be in the middle...accept whatever suits you...and move forward...There is nothing...perfectly right or perfectly wrong in this world.

    Edited: In spirituality...God is one. The main difference between religion and spirituality is this. Religion of today...divides...Spirituality unites...If you look at various methods followed in is not for anything else...but for meditation purpose. Through meditation comes samadhi. Your object of devotion can be anything. It can be krishna or shiva or any deity. Patanajali says 'Samyama ~ Concentration - Meditation - Samadhi. In Bhakti we concentrate on the deity of our choice...when the concentration is single will lead to oneness with the object...when there is oneness... samadhi follows... Bhakti is a method of meditation. There are many methods adopted for meditation purposes...Actually...the problem is that some atheists here are spreading a wrong idea about meditation...and nowadays people have started looking at meditation as if its something done by atheists. 'Work in devotion' is meditation...Dont go by words used...if your devotion is so pure and will lead to samadhi...It is meditation...without you knowing it...Thats why spirituals teachers say that meditation can be is not something to be done on a daily can be the doing itself...So what you say as two methods (some people control senses make them in the devotional service of god and other do it by meditation) ...i say it is the same....Control of senses and other acts are introductory stages to meditation...Read Yama and Niyama...Meditation is not for theists and atheists....its for all human beings...

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    Hare Krishna people will never understand no matter how much it is explained to them .God is also within us .As per Advaitha Vedantha the athman or self is the all pervading all in all.There are different types of people in the world they have different tastes one who like a mango may not like an apple .In the same way some may not like to go to temple and worship and show bhakthi simply because they may not have it in them to be emotional hence they contemplate to realize the athman ! If you go tell a Hare Krishna that "we are not the body prabhuji we are the athman" the Hare Krishna will immediately say "oh you are self realized " but that is not true because saying and doing are two different things !

    there are 3 aspects to God as per Bhagavatham Brahman ,Paramathma ,Bhagavan ! they are 3 different views of the same mountain known as God you may view from the prospective of " all in one" will say that Krishna or Shiva is the supreme and everything is in Him only ..those who contemplate see "the one in all" ..the athma which is in everything !

    there is no problem is showing Bhakthi infact it is an easier method ! In a mathematics class there may be some students who want hard problems to work out because the love it that way in the same class there may be quick solvers always looking for a shortcut to the solution ! ultimately both arrive at te same solution ! so both are right and none are wrong !

    ha ha odampully says God is not of that kind ! as if he as seen ? ok Mr Odampully God has said so in Bhagavath Gita ! puja aradhana etc are to show bhakthi to God .Bhakthi is one propagated by God in Bhagavath Gita ! you dont belive in that does not mean other dont belive in that too :)

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    How to pray is purely your choice. Do not worry about method of worships or methods of meditation.

    What is your ultimate purpose of prayer? Keep that ultimate purpose in your mind and get started.

    I am sure you will find correct and suitable way for you, after sincere practice and then you will have gates of knowledge open for you, where to find meaning of worship or meditation will be absolutely immaterial.

    But do not waste time to know meaning of meditation or worship and their difference. You have to know God which you should not miss this point/goal.

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    if we pray in idol,pooja, homa, japa or by thinking ..doing work dedicated to god then whats the problem in that??

    God is not of that kind, that is the answer. Who said pooja, homa, ect. are good for pleasing God? Did the hear God telling like that?

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  • 8 years ago

    IF we pray God in idol, pooja, japa, by thinking and doing work dedicated to God. Apparently, God does not have problem with that, people who worship God also do not have problem with that . I think, the people who are indulged with wrong activities and have been living in logical illusions, Certainly...... they have problem with GOD, "Can't bear GOD EXISTENCE."

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    8 years ago

    Worship to God comes from the heart of man in the form of meditation, praise, song, prayer and fellowship with other believers.

  • 8 years ago

    According to SOME people, Detroit is in New York, and the Holocaust never happened.

    There is no problem in praying in other ways.

  • 8 years ago

    You are quite right, there are forms of prayer other thanh Meditation. Vocal Prayer, Contemplative Prayer, Work and Duty and the exercises of Faith can be prayerful St. :Paul urges us to be a "living prayer."

    Source(s): The Spiritual Life
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    8 years ago

    Still dog chasing you!

    Some hindus shared their belief with Zakir Naik that idol worshiping is like primary and one god with no image no shape whatever( You bring any such thing like energy, elecrticity etc. etc. you name them, Science is going to teach you how to control these things, what are the laws governing them. Then finally it will be humans who will supersede these things) is of higher conciousness. Instead appreciating their answer, he started to twist it to favour himself. As per his logic, islam is of higher conciousness religion because it prohibits idol worshiping. Now, that is another case. Now, problem with people like you is " Do I belong to lower conciousness?" What happens thereafter is your intelligence.

    Satan is very attractive, all powerful too. When everything is over, satan will say " This was my suggestion only. But decision was yours."

    Come on, grow up. Be practical.

    Dog is chasing you.

    What you will do?

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    8 years ago

    • True meditation is to MEDITATE ON NAAM(Name of God).

    They meditate on to get glimpse of God and not for any supernatural powers.

    Their meditation is part of their all actions centered & directed towards GOD.

    This is true Bhakti Yog/Karma Yog/Satat Yog.


    • Yoga & meditational practices without NAAM(Name of God)--- Whether this atheistic practice may evoke Satan?

    No surrender to God !!! No support of NAAM !!!!!

    Only EGO and that too clubbed with certain Yogic & meditational gains!!!!

    It is invitation to Satan.

    I will call it Satan worship. Surely ,it is Satan worship.

    Gurbani condemns this type of so called Yogis who press their nose without NAAM.

    They are termed as BAGULA BHAGATs.

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