We filed on 1/17/2012, Why is the IRS telling us our DD will be 2/7/2012?

My husband I filed our taxes through the H&R Block on January 17, 2012. On January 18, 2012 we got an email saying our refund had been accepted, and yes it was before 11 a.m. When I checked the WMR as well as Teletax (the automated system) 15 minutes ago (WMR STILL DOWN) but Teletax is saying February 7, the same date WMR said Friday (1/20/2012). Yet, I've read just this morning of people's taxes being accepted on the 17th and they got them today! Well, H&R Block told us we'd get our by the 27th, so why is the IRS saying the 7th of next month?? It's not that it's a LONG time, it's just wtf?? Is anyone else having the same problems? Can anyone shed some light on my situation?? It's really frustrating.

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    Michelle, please excuse my REALLY long explanation but I figured I would provide all of the info I have picked up from scouring around so that you and everyone else may feel somewhat comforted. So here is what I've learned so far because I, like you and many other taxpayers, have found myself panicking over this year's situation. In past years, the IRS used to make deposits only on Fridays. Last year a new system was tested that allowed a few individuals to receive their refunds on Wednesdays while the rest still stayed on the Friday DD system.

    This year the IRS is using two different systems. If taxpayers fell into the old system, they would still only receive their deposits on Friday. However, most taxpayers fell into the new system this year meaning that they could receive a deposit any day of the week Monday through Friday. Many people have already reported seeing their deposits as of yesterday and even today.

    Now, a lot of people are seeing a deposit day of either 1/31 2/1 or 2/7. The WMR is providing little response because it constantly seems to be done, experiencing technical difficulties, or the same dates over and over again. It's very frustrating for all of us. However, chances are you WILL receive your deposit by the 27th.

    Do not rely on the IRS refund cycle chart. It is a PDF that is based off incorrect deposit dates. Also, the WMR is not updating correctly but this is actually a common problem from past years. The reason the WMR is down right now is not currently known but a lot of people are speculating that it is probably from a flood of inquiries going into the system that caused it to experience those problems. That is a very believable explanation. Most of us are hitting refresh every half an hour to an hour to see if the date has changed because we all are relying on that money.

    With all that said, a few people were lucky enough to get through to a live IRS agent, and even luckier to find a very NICE agent. I wouldn't call unless you absolutely have to. It might be hard but they don't really know much this year either. They are still under the impression that the direct deposit dates only occur on Fridays. It's a MESS at the IRS. It's sad that half of them don't know what's going on.

    Anyway, those few people that got in touch with an agent that had a DD date of 2/7 were told that their deposits are scheduled for the 27th. The WMR is simply a cushion. It is to keep us from calling and harassing them until that date. Your direct deposit will occur anywhere between now and the 7th is basically what that means. Chances are, you will receive your refund on the 27th also. Those with a DD date of 1/31 or 2/1 will likely receive theirs sometime tomorrow or the day after. PLEASE understand that is simply speculation. I'm not saying it is a DEFINITE.

    Although it might be hard, try and remain calm. Your return will come back to you before the 7th, that much I can promise you. I also have a return date of 2/7 which frustrated me to no end but I have hope that I will see my deposit on the 27th like many people are already saying. Pass this information to the many others that are still freaking about the 2/7 anticipation date. I hope I have helped all of you in whatever way possible!

    Aaayyyyeee: They will not necessarily give you a definitive date of the 27th. It is entirely possible you will get a deposit on the 27th. The problem is that if they give you a specific date when you call and then your money isn't there, they risk receiving a FLOOD of phone calls from angry taxpayers wanting to know where their money is so they provide you with the "possibility" of receiving your taxes on the 27th. I'm sure you'll get it on that date. Keep your head up and just keep hoping and praying like the rest of us! I know all of my fingers and toes are crossed! Good luck to you. All of you! And me too! :-)

    Jessica: Don't lose hope! The IRS agents haven't all been very helpful and they haven't been giving too much information. They have been very vague this year so you may still get it this week, perhaps next week at the latest. They are not going to give information so easily this year. They will range from telling you to wait 3 weeks or that they are backlogged (which I am sure they are!) just to avoid the flood of concerned callers that they keep receiving. They think that their vagueness will keep concerned individuals from calling and harassing them but that is simply not the case. It just panics us even more. I hope you see your refund soon!

    Common Sense: As a top contributor, you should aim to be a little more helpful and a little less rude to individuals asking questions. People are simply concerned about the status of their refunds because so many of us RELY on that money to catch up on bills, etc. I'm not trying to be rude. Just offering a suggestion to you. People look up to you as a top contributor.

    Source(s): Several sources. I've scoured through the yahoo answers and Turbo Tax answers like most of you and have finally combined all the questions and answers to figure out what is going on.
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    9 years ago

    A lot of people are seeing a 1-2 week delay when comparing the WMR date to the refund cycle chart. Most refunds are sent earlier than the WMR date but the IRS always shows the last possible date. The IRS simply has more returns in the first 2-3 weeks of e-file than what they can process so there's a back log. They'll work through it pretty quickly.

    It has nothing to do with where you filed. Its pure luck of the draw regarding when the IRS gets to your return but they DO prioritize by when it was filed. Your return is in a big group with millions of returns submitted in the window of the 17 to 18th. You will be processed before returns submitted on the 19th or later, but within that group of 17-18 submissions its just luck regarding who gets processed first.

  • 9 years ago

    Called 30 mins ago. Return is still not processed according to irs rep so I am no longer believing the refund cycle chart showing 1/25 dd. She said they are processing out a lot slower this year and are backloged.

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    9 years ago

    The website is still not working for me. the auto phone says 1/31 still processing blah blah I called the irs and spoke to someone this morning and they said that its processing and no date but a "possibility" that it will be here on the 27th (friday). I just wish the auto phone system would stop saying to go to the website and its been down for 2days...lol

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  • 9 years ago

    im wondering the same thing!.... i also filed mine on 1/17/2012 and was told my state should be here by monday<its now tuesday and it was just accepted> and my federal would be here within 7-13 days<which i payed extra for> . when i checked this morning it also told me february 7th and i have no idea whats going on with my state!

  • 9 years ago

    I received my DD this morning around 8am. I filed January 5th was accepted on the 17th around 1pm and had a DD OF THE 24TH.. looked up and bam my money was in my sccount!

  • 9 years ago

    I read on another site that there is a processing delay that caused some returns to be pushed back to february 7th, Hopefully, you get your refund sooner.

  • YEP mines says by feb 7th I filed on the 13th accepted on the 18th.

  • 9 years ago

    my husband and i filed on the 17th and was accepted the same day and we havent had a update since the 18th since then its been saying its being processed and we should recieve it by 1/31

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I'm going through the same thing I did my taxes through hrblock they were accepted on the 18th at 9am but instead of getting them on the 25th it says feb7th its bs

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