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The good things about Evan Bourne possibly leaving WWE?

1. His moveset will not be 90 moves anymore it would good back to 150, his old wrestling style was

more like jericho's.

2. He can face the likes of Jeff Hardy & RVD in TNA{ RVD is one of his favorite performers}

3. He can tag team with his younger bro Mike or even be in a trio with his older bro and younger bro

Mike and his fourth brother who is the youngest could be their manager.

5. he can face Kota Ibushi in Japan

6. He can face MVP in Japan

7. He can go to Matt Hardy's wrestling school and be a trainer{ he has 12 years experience}

8. He can feud with Delirious again

9. He already won the OVW world championship, has a few tag titles and he held an X division championship for 365 days back around 2003-2004

10. He can try American Ninja

11. He can become an MMA fighter, with his martial arts and highschool wrestling background he'd do a well, imagine him against Jason Mayhem Miller.

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    Well He Is The One That Ruined His shot at the top by turning to drugs, so the only person evan can blame is himself when Hunter Decides to release him

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    I was just listening to Colt Cabana's podcast last week when he had PAC on there. He talked briefly about how excited Sydal was at the promise of leaving the WWE and perhaps carrying over his star to Dragon Gate to give back to their roster. I think that's what would happen if he were to leave. He'd head back home, and Dragon Gate is home to him.

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    The "concepts-set era" is alive and correctly each Monday evening. song in to Spike television Monday nights and watch the "concepts-set era" programming each human being claims to choose. The educate is called TNA outcome. those who declare to choose the "concepts-set era" to go back will cite hardcore suits, gimmick suits, swearing, blood, wrestlers with "concepts-set", etc etc. that Vince isn't giving them. TNA has all of that. Then why are not the WWE followers who choose the "concepts-set era" to come back back switching to TNA? because they are not rather desiring the gimmick suits, blood, swearing, etc as a lot as they're desiring the CHARACTERS of that era to come back back. And that ought to't ensue. Stone chilly retired with the aid of damage, The Rock went Hollywood, Eddie is lifeless, Benoit is lifeless, Foley is as a rule crippled, Undertaker is close to to retirement and ought to in straightforward words paintings an rather constrained agenda; Kane, Jericho, Triple H, part, Christian, the Hardys (Jeff is in TNA now), and the others who were lively in the "concepts-set era" are a decade older now. The ninety's version of the "concepts-set era" won't be able to be recreated or delivered back because the characters are literally no longer accessible. because "concepts-set era" followers received't watch TNA the end is that is the CHARACTERS they choose, no longer the blood, swearing, etc. The "concepts-set era" sort of programming IS alive and correctly in TNA. The blood and swearing, the "edgy" storylines, the characters with "concepts-set, the gimmick suits, "hardcore" suits. TNA has all of that. TNA even has the more than a number of "concepts-set era" performers. in case you want "concepts-set era" programming, song in to TNA outcome each Monday. in case you want the "concepts-set era" characters (Stone chilly, The Rock, Latino warmth, etc), you're out of luck. My opinion is, the WWE is effective how that is. Their programming isn't an similar as TNA's. and that is reliable. each and each grants some thing the different would not. If the WWE is going back to an similar sort of programming they did in the previous due ninety's then it will be little diverse from TNA and could supply me no real incentive to proceed gazing.

  • He ruined his big chance and hopefully won't end up a junkie. Good thing we've got Punk and Daniel Bryan representing ROH!

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    he will go to tna

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    he sucks anyway

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