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American trying to study in UK with EU citizenship?


I will be graduating from a university in the US in May of 2012 with an undergrad degree. I have lived here since age 8, but was born in Bulgaria. Currently, my Bulgarian passport is expired, but I would like to renew it. I would like to apply for masters programs in the UK using my EU citizenship, but would need to prove that I have been a resident in the EU for the past 3 years. Does anybody know how I would go about doing that? Is that possible, if I just use a random address? Thank you!

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    You have to be ordinarily resident in the UK or anywhere else in the EU for the three years prior to the first day you begin university in order to qualify for home fees / EU fees. I don't see how you can possibly prove your physical presence in the EU for three years when the majority of that time you were in the U.S. attending university. You would need to have documenation to show you lived, worked, or attended university in the EU.

    One way around the residency rule is if one of your parents is, for example, a Bulgarian diplomat working in the United States. EU diplomats and government employees working abroad are usually considered legally resident in the EU despite permanently living in a foreign country.

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    Well, no it wouldn't be right to use a random adress if you're serious because the university will search it and find out the truth.

    If you have any relatives living in Bulgeria you can use their address if not you can simply prove you're bulgerian and everything will be just fine.

    But I guess that if you just have a bulgerian passport you are a citizen of Bulgeria so basically you won't have to prove anything else.

    But of course that's up to the university you'd like to go.

    Your best option is to write to the university you wanna go and ask them.

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