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english grammar

I'm a private candidate in HKDSE.

I have done a practice for paper2 of english exam.

Could you check its grammar,please?

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    English grammar=A grammar syntax on linguistic terms in English language must be learned=in your private candidate HKDSE. for paper2.

    The Grammatical mistakes and corrections are:-

    Para(1)The suggestion on one event:- ----(I suggest)---(To begin with)----Principal------While(at)----(;)----

    ------finding out.

    Para(2)The benefits of the event;-

    an----(team work)----pile=build up,-------notability=?=a distinguished,eminent school--------

    Para(3)The organized event=planning steps:-

    proper venue----to confirm----food arrangement-----A rehearsal for the day=run-through.

    Apart from checking grammar,you should note what ideas should be presented;how to structuring your presentation,Importance of english grammar,Learn your pluses and minuses for paper2.Good Luck!

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