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Where did the word Palestine came from? What is the history of Palistianian people?

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    Palestine gets its origin from the crushing of the Second Jewish Revolt by the Roman Emperor Hadrian. Before then, the region had been known as Judea, but the Jewish people had never been fond of Roman rule and engineered two revolts. Both of them were crushed. When Hadrian crushed the second revolt, he scattered the Jewish people and made it illegal for any Jew to live in the region, renaming it Palestinia as part of this political change in Roman Provincial administration.

    The originis of the people we refer to today as Palestinians dates back to fall of the Ottoman Empire in World War I. Both the Arabs and many Jews are ethnically very similar. Both are Semetic peoples. But for years, they had found themselves under the rule of others. The Jews, scattered by Hadrian, largely found themselves in Europe and under European rule, while the Arabs ultimately found themselves under the rule of the Turks. Neither the Jews nor the Arabs found their rulers to be caring for their needs. Christian Europe persecuted the Jews as the "Killers of Jesus" and for other supposed "crimes" and the Turks oppressed the Arabs as any conquering power would. But in WWI, things rapidly changed.

    The Ottoman Empire had been in decline for years when they entered the war on the side of the Central Powers. The Ottoman Sultan gave a call for Jihad for all Muslims within their Empire to wage holy war on the British and French. This call was not well listened too as many Arabs saw that they would be waging Jihad not for Allah, but for the Christian Germans. Resentment of the Turks as the "ruling class" was played to by British agents such as Lawrence of Arabia. The ultimately lead to a massive Arab revolt and lead to the British mandate over Palestine, Jordan, and Iraq.

    On some level, the system was intended for Britain and France to prepare the Arab states of the Middle East for independence. Instead, they treated them as colonies. On top of this, earlier promises made without consideration for their consequences were made. The treaty that ended the war against Turkey assured the Arabs that Palestine would be theirs forever. However, during the war, the Balfour Declaration had been made which promised to open up Palestine to potential Jewish settlement and seemed to imply the support for the creation of a Jewish state. These two promises contradicted each other, but so long as the British ruled, that contridiction wasn't a concern. However, the tensions of the Middle East were soon forgotten when World War II erupted in Europe, but its consequences would be what shapes the modern states of Israel and Palestine.

    Palestine had long been a stop for Zionists seaking to restore Israel, but for years, the movement had been at a trickle, and many that came left for Europe or America. In the aftermath of the Holocaust, however, the influx of Jews to Palestine was like a flood. Armed, relatively well trained, and memories of Auschwitz in their minds, the Jews were not about to back down. Neither really were the Arabs of Palestine. They expected the Arab Leauge to protect them, and the Arab League would try. The UN would propose a solution to the growing violence to create a two state solution, which the Jews accepted. The Palestinians, backed by the Arab League, refused, and joined in the first Arab-Israeli War. A war the Arabs lost and the Israelis won more then was originally given to them in the UN two state solution.

    And that was how the modern Palestinian state was born. But yet, they have not had a real "state". No true government. Some of this is because the King of Jordan originally intended to incorporate Palestine into his Kingdom. Some because the other Arab states refused to care for the Palestinians after they lost the war. Some because the Israelis refused to recognize those that they had just defeated in war has having rights to to the spoils of that war. As a result, the Palestinians turned to terrorism to try and win back what they see as their homeland until more recent years when Arafat realized that he couldn't scare Israel into retreating. This has not ended the threat of Palestinian terrorism, but it has created an interesting dicotomy. Various West Bank Palestinians would prefer a move toward a two state solution, which on some levels, Israel has been willing work with. In Gaza, however, there are Hamas terrorists that continue to try and use terror to wipe Israel off the map. And for the time being it is still up in the air to whether the Palestinians in the West Bank or Hamas in Gaza will win the present battle for leadership and face within the "Palestinian" people.

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    Palestine is a Latin be conscious. The Romans named it Palestine as quickly as they defeated the Jews approximately 2000 years in the past. earlier, the section grow to be the Jewish state of Canaan. The Romans sent assorted the Jews into exile at that element. Arabic audio gadget can not say 'P'. in hassle-free terms 'F', which isn't the way Palestine is pronouced in accordance to the unique Latin. Palestine as a be conscious has no connection to Arabic. Jews residing interior the section earlier Israel grow to be based noted as themselves 'Palestinians' because of the fact the section were noted as 'Palestine' whilst it grow to be ruled via outsiders, ie the Romans, Ottomans, Brits. Arabs interior the section pre Israel's founding many times noted as themselves Syrian or Egyptian, it is the place lots of in the present day's Arabs residing interior the section originate from.

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    I been told that it came from bible days. when Abraham and Sarah was married, Abraham had combine name Hager and had son named Ishmael. Well Sarah was complaining and jealous of Hager and her son. Sarah made them go in the dessert and with no food no water and God heard their prayers and took care of them and gave them land. And I have been told it over a birth right to of two brothers.

    Source(s): the bible.
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    I know there was no Palestinian State until very recent history, but it is obviously a sore subject with you so you could probably find out much more about this subject if you Google it yourself.

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    the rightful owners of ISRAEL

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