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Adele vs Christina Aguilera?

Which one do you prefer

Reasons would be appreciated

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    Christina Aguilera. Both are great singers, but Adele to me is just a nice voice. She does have depth, don't get me wrong. But Christina has this raw talent and is just mind blowing. I love Christina's soul, passion, emotion. She refuses to get vocal training and never did. She only had a vocal coach when she was on Disney for a couple years when she was 12. Also, Christina has more relateable ballads. Christina has gone through A LOT. Her music expresses a lot more than Adele. From songs like "I'm Ok" to "Oh Mother", etc. Christina is really an admirable person. I love her personality and attitude too :)

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    ignore the burden. Christina has extra vocal variety (i imagine) yet i stumble on her sort of singing to be very boring. Christina would not even write her own songs. Linda Perry wrote 'appealing' for instance. Adele dose write her own songs and her voice is continually pitch ideal. I also locate Adele's songs to be significantly better and extra catchy. So my vote is going to Adele for being a real artist (writing her own songs) and for having a amazingly useful voice.

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    Christina, because she just has that "it" factor. Adele has a decent enough voice, but I find her work to be pretty boring and she comes off as a really generic ballad-belting diva rather than a unique artist. She's kinda like Christina, but without the personality or spunk that makes her enjoyable to listen to.

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    I prefer Adele because I like her style of music but Christina is definitely a better performer. However Christina comes off as kinda plastic and she seems to change her style based on whatever's popular which I don't like about her. Adele is barely a performer but her music is gorgeous... Christina's music is not bad too though haha it's a hard choice but I prefer Adele. (:

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  • Sienna
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    Ouch, I wouldn't like to choose. They both have their own unique voice and are both very different from one another.

    If I must choose.. I'd say Adele, but I'm sure others will disagree. Aguilera is a bomb shell singer.

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