What is the role of the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI)?

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  • 9 years ago
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    http://www.fbi.gov/ Click on "What we Investigate"

    The FBI is charged with investigating violations of Federal Criminal Statutes. The link has better detail

  • Bob B
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    9 years ago

    The FBI is a federal agency that investigates criminal activity on the national level, as well as certain domestic intelligence roles.

    Crimes that take place across state lines fall under FBI jurisdiction, as to certain types of federal crime, wherever they were committed.

    In recent years, the FBI has increasingly devoted its resources to investigating terrorism.

  • 9 years ago

    right from the fbi "about us"

    "Our mission is to help protect you, your children, your communities, and your businesses from the most dangerous threats facing our nation—from international and domestic terrorists to spies on U.S. soil…from cyber villains to corrupt government officials…from mobsters to violent street gangs…from child predators to serial killers. Along the way, we help defend and uphold our nation’s economy, physical and electronic infrastructure, and democracy. Learn more about how we have evolved into a more proactive, threat-driven security agency in recent years."

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