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Can TBI (traumatic brain injury) change someone into a psychopath?

My brother (14) had it a year ago and since then he's been saying really evil/weird things and has been abusing animals. He has a cold look in his eyes kinda like the look my other brother had when he came home from iraq. BTW before he fell he was the perfect nicest gentle kid

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    I believe people with a Frontal lobe injury show the same signs as some one with Anti social personality disorder (or a Psychopath).

    The only advice i could give you is proper teaching, Lack of empathy opens doors for the mind.

    Not having the burden of emotions is hard to comprehend for someone who has been without them their whole life and it can lead to violent tendencies very easily especially if it is caused later in life, by time i was his age i had already learned out how to use rational thinking in compensation for a conscious.

    I would suggest physical and a lot of mental stimulation, it may be hard to find things he is interested in or will do for a long period of time but i urge that you persist, you will eventually find something.

    (To be quite honest much of what has kept me sane and capable of living with the amount of information that goes through my mind on a daily basis is using Marijuana from the age of 16)

    Source(s): Have ASPD - Extensive research on the subject.
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    I don't know if he's a psychopath or not but if he's harming animals that's a sign of something very, very wrong. Please contact someone to protect the animals and the people around him, including yourself. He could be more dangerous than you realize. And besides maybe the injury is causing swelling in the brain or something, something that can be treated. So you may be helping him too.

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    Brain injury has been known for a long time to potentially cause problems with inhibition and morality. All depends on the extent and location of the injury.

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