Could someone please help me out with this question? I would really appreciate it!?

I am 16 and I want to know how I can become more appealing to attractive girls. All of the girls I find attractive want to only remain friends. I am a very light african american male and everyone thinks I am mixed but am really full black. I am kind of a big guy I am not super fat or anything just big. I just now started wearing glasses and like to wear designs in my hair when I dont grow out my natural curls. They are short not long just small and nice. I have a chin strap and a mustache and am probably about 5'10 in height. I like to joke around and have fun but am also a sweet and romantic type of guy. Most people don’t really know it thought and I have no idea how to show that side of me to people.I write and read alot mostly music, poetry, and i also write screenplays. I usually am always smiling or laughing at something. I like to talk and am very friendly. I solve a lot of my friends problems and people come to me with all kinds of issues. I dont know what I am doing wrong.

I have no idea how to use my personality to actually attract girls at school and everyone says I come off as funny but weird and I am always put in the friend zone.

How do I get out of the friend zone? How do I flirt with girls that I like?

I am trying to find this out since I am one of the last few of all my friends that doesnt have a date to sadies and I have liked a lot of girls and am stuck in the friend zone with all of them. What can I do!! Please help.

If you post your question along with a reply to mine I would be happy to reply the best that I can.

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  • 8 years ago
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    man your just like me but im normal black and have short hair sort of i write all the thing you say u do and i sing and act people also come to me with there problems so listen or 'READ" clostley

    1. Get your buz up (Buz is your popularity leavle from 1 being knowing no one and 10 knowing and beng friends with almost every one.

    2. Dont be affaride to let people know your talented if your embarresed it's cool just let people read your work and see if they like it.

    3. dont let it be obious to these girls that you like them if they have no clue dont stammer over words or get nervous just imagin your around your plutonic friends who u dont like.

    4. Be who you are dont change yourself just to get one girl sure there are some things you can change but dont swim so fare you cant see the shore in other words dont change to much you cont see the real you anymore

    Hope i helped

  • 8 years ago

    Talk to different girls. They know what they want, and get their opinion of you. You never know; you could be perfect the way you are!

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