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Do Muslims, Christians, and Jews believe in the same "Abrahamic God"?

If so, then how come I knew this and no one at my middle school knows this? Oh, and when my friends make fun of Muslims by going "Allah la la la" are they really making fun of their own God? I live in America, just to let you know.

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    I think it is important to note that the religion ( defined as belief in a deity with dogma) of Abraham was the covenant made between Abraham and God. It did not include the religions of Islam or Christianity, Christianity permits worship of a man as a deity and most importantly takes the very story of Genesis that tells how God shows that human sacrifice is not something God accepts, and turns it topsy turvy to claim that it later foretells of a human sacrifice for sins, past, present and future. Both of those things make it incompatible with the faith of Abraham.

    While I understand that Christian and Islamic doctrine see themselves as connected to Abraham based on the stories of their own scriptures, their connection to Abraham is utterly dependent on imposing meaning that is absent in the written record of the covenant OF Abraham..meaning the faith of Abraham. Judaism, thus remains the *only* “Abrahamic faith” by literal definition to mean the faith of Abraham.

    Abraham’s covenant was groundbreaking in the ancient world in that it was a rejection/separation from all the surrounding religions that relied on human sacrifice and beliefs that humans, Pharaohs and other kings were representations of gods in human form or deities outright.

    The God of Abraham was clearly NOT an incarnate deity. So if you want to be technical, you can't refer to an incarnate triune godhead as "Abrahamic".

    Islam's notion of God is closer to that of Torah in that it forbids the notion of incarnate deity, however the nature of God in Islam is not quite that of Torah with regard to the relationship between God and man.

    Arabic speaking Jews will also call God, Allah, so you have overlap there. But what I mean as to the nature of God's relationship to his Created being different is that in Torah, God is an incorporeal and indivisible Creator of all life who wants justice, mercy and compassion in a Torah ( law, teaching, eternal covenant) that teaches that all humans can directly know and connect to God and who can merit forgiveness through teshuvah ..repentance and return.

    The nature of God in the New Testament is a tripartate deity, an incarnate god who demands blind adherence to a belief contradictory to the Torah and condemns all people outside that belief to eternal torture in an underworld hell ruled by a demon Deity of the underworld. Both Christianity and Islam have a demon deity of an underworld hell who can battle God. Jews believe God is omnipotent, thus there is no entity with power to be a threat to thwart God's efforts.

    I'll stick with the belief that those who strive to live righteous in love and brotherhood to our fellow man can all deserve blessing and the Torah's concept that God has always been and shall forever remain directly accessible to all humans.

    edit: As a Jew and a Jew who has Muslim friends I've prayed with, I can tell you with certainty that our concept of the nature of God is FAR closer to one another than the Christian notion of God.

    They don't worship a moon god.

    If your friends are making fun of Muslims like that, I'd suggest that if help from parents or teachers doesn't improve your friend's behaviors, you would do better to find new friends. That's a really ugly thing your friends are doing.

    There is a major difference in standing against Islamofacism and the abuse of Islam to spread hate and terror, and scapegoating and bigoted bullying.

    Talk to your parents and teachers about how to deal with this. Please.

    edit: I find it disturbing I'm the ONLY answer so far that commented on how utterly inappropriate his friends behaved!

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    It's a good question, for those who think.

    The answer is yes, we do all worship the same God, only in different ways. Muslims believe in the same God that Adam, Abraham and Jesus worshiped. While the concept of God is shared with Jews and Muslims, Christians have a slightly different take. Without meaning any disrespect when I say this, Christians even differ among themselves as to what characteristics belong to God. Some say He begot a son and some say He and the son are one in the same. But to us, God neither begets, nor was he begotten. It paints a very different picture of Jesus between what Muslims believe and what Christians believe. We Muslims believe he was a great Prophet like the rest, born of a miraculous birth, and performed many miracles throughout his time on this earth. We do not believe he is divine, as (in our opinion) only God is divine and only God is worthy of our worship.

    Those who believe the myth of the moon god are falling for something that's incredibly easy to disprove. It would be like believing the sky is made of pickles. Only the most gullible would try to eat it.

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    First, the Jews are one of the 12 tribes of Israel. Jesus is the Christ. He is from the tribe of Judah, one of the 12 tribes of Israel. So the Israelites were to receive the promises that God gave to Abraham. The Jews are awaiting the coming of their Messiah (Christ) and do not see that the prophecies point to Jesus as the Messiah.

    Muslims worship Allah it is stated is the greatest of the deceivers. Thus, they worship Satan who disguises himself as Allah. They deny that the 10th plague of Egypt and the Passover Lamb which foreshadows Jesus.

    Thus, Satan is doing what he did when quoting scripture to Jesus in the desert. He is deceiving by only quoting "parts" of scripture. Satan wants to be worshiped. He wanted Jesus to worship Him in the desert. As Allah, he is getting what he wants from the Muslims. He knows that eternal torment is coming and wants others to suffer like he is going to suffer.

    The Bible tells that the Jews will come to realize that Jesus is the Messiah when He saves them at the end of the End Times. Unfortunately, many people die being "lost" everyday.

    God Bless

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    the Christians and the Jews have the same God but the muslims have satan as there god for every thing these muslims do to my brothers the Jewish nation are in satan's name as they continue to fire rockets into Israel and when the Israel air force goes to remove these places and the muslims complain and say they have killed women and children these were put into the place were the rockets and they are payed to do so if they move there own people kill them . Shalom

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    No. We do not. Muslims do not claim to believe in the God of Abraham. They claim their god is Allah. Allah is the moon god of the tribe of Muhammad. They trace their heritage back to Abraham, just like the Jews do, but they deny the God of Abraham.

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    Not really. Just as Mormons and mainstream Christians have a different "Jesus", so do Muslims, Christians and Jews all have a different "God". Any resemblance is purely superficial.

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    Yes, all three religions believe in the same god. It is doctrine where the religions differ.

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    yes and no.

    All three start with the same point(the genesis story of creation), but where they end up is opposed.

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    yes, they all worship the Creator God.

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