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What is a good quality folding bike.?

Everyday I have to take a subway to school, and in order to get to the train station I must go by means of car. I have been considering taking bike the almost 5 mile way, as for me it wouldn't be to difficult. I am worried that taking my current bike and locking it by the train station, it would be ruined by weather conditions and possibly stolen. I would like to have a folding bike that is reliable. I don't need more than one gear, as I am not trying to break any world records. I would like it if the bike would cost under 300 dollars or below, but am willing to consider more expensive options. Please help me.

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    good luck

    some folders are good but expensive

    some fold fast but not small

    some are small folded but slow to fold

    some are heavy but cheap

    some have gears but are expensive

    it;s hard to get fast fold, small fold, gears, light, high quality all together

    particularly under $300!

    in fact it it hard to get a decent not-folding bike for that

    folding only makes it harder

    folding easy, fast, small, light with gears is impossible for that

    too many constraints on the problem

    that said - the new thing in folding bikes is a brand called tern

    see if you can find a dealer

    they all look good but that is all i know

    at least google them


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    Most Dahon models- like the Uno seres- are not compact fold. This means that most trains and buses will charge an extra fare to bring it on. This, as you might guess, can quickly add up.

    There are 2 bikes almost identical to each other that are compact fold and are some of the lightest and best built bikes on the planet. The first is the Strida, available on for about $600.00. The other, the Torrent Foldaway BD sells for about $300 but they are usually sold before they arrive from the factory. You can get the Torrent from but you'll have to email them and reserve one- because they are so popular they don't have them on their website.

    Source(s): 32 years in the industry
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    You need a simple folder. Find a Dahon dealer and try a Speed Uno. (it is one speed, coaster)

    Folders get complicated with cables and gears. There are other Dahons.

    It is a bit more than 300.

    I have a Bike Friday folder, and now I would have preferred a simpler bike, like a Speed Uno. The folding is easier, and the cables housings (because of the folding) don't need lots of maintenance.

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    Go to as they road-tested the best on the Market a few months ago.

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